Trump hits back at Michelle Obama

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Trump hits back at Michelle Obama 3

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Does "She" reveal her true Gender in this "book".

Author — johnpetrius28 Petrius


“It’s one of the most powerful moments in this book- which I haven’t read”

What a con-job

Author — Shaman Omar


Fox News caving in to antifa...Shhh... don't say anything mean about the Democrats... I never thought Fox News would turn into a bunch of bootlickers... Time to Say Goodbye

Author — Big Bob



Author — Plumpstery


Hey Michelle, Why do you have an Adam's Apple?....

Author — Heath Weeks


Is this still Fox News! wtf?! I thought Fox was playing a clip from CNN or maybe the view! Yuck! Are they trying to switch over to Lefties? Are they that sure the Left is going to conquer everything so they r just preparing for the power shift? This is a disturbing scene of bowing and scraping to Michelle Obama and the Liberal Narrative. A look at the footage again and from other angles show that it was an optical illusion that Trump stalked her... it’s been debunked. That was a disturbing and pathetic display of “NPC” behavior!

Author — Alhen O


"A lot of women are interested in" - not in my world. This is Fox?? Like we don't have enough liberal shills in MSM? Another MSM calling self "Cable" station will bite the dust in this house. Love Judge Jeannine and Tucker but Murdoch bros clearly working brand of liberal magic insidious everywhere.

And another thing -why the hell do Fox pundits of late continue to refer to Democrats' votes as Democratics' votes? The two are not one and the same - could not be less! Words have consequences when you cotinue to dismiss the awakening.

I cancelled cable subscription a while ago and now will not be clicking on any Fox online posts. Same tone and discomfort I felt watching/listening to CNN and which I abandoned several years ago. Way to go Fox- same sick feeling, My intuition/BS meter detects lies, manipulative intonation, brought to you by all encompassing cultural-Marxist media. Shame on you and Thank God for citizen journalists!

Author — meadow


Lets talk about how she ruined the school lunches of tens of millions of American school children!

Author — coxbrett18


"Most powerful moments in book" . . . . but I haven't read it ! What a dumb statement !

Author — R.L. Hauk


He is just mad that he is the same Gender as Trump.

Author — Everywhere at Once


Well, what better way to get your new book in the headlines. Ride the Trump bubble! 😂 One thing we know for sure, she didn't write the book.. Non of these celebrities write their "new book"...

Also, I'd say this is a test to pull at Americans heartstrings and test the water for a Michelle 20/20 presidential run or boost Oprah 20/20. Just think, democrats have NOBODY for 20/20 and what better way to get Berry back in the WH...

Author — HillbillyNitro USA


Satan was a liar from the very beginning.

Author — Gerry Rockwell


I thought I was watching "The View".

Author — Stuart Coker


Big Mike just wants to make some dough, President Trump makes it happen. Big Mike knows talking about Trump sells books so here we are.

Author — John B


Fox...if you go CNN on us we are tuning you out too!!

Author — K M


Oh my God guys you won't believe this I saw a man walking the same direction a woman was HES SHOWING HER TJAT HE HAS MORE POWER OH NOOO

Author — Et


The bone spur 5 time draft dodging coward is a quack

Author — Dan Rode


"What if... what if..."

Author — PJ Brown


I just had to check I thought I was listening to MSNBC or cnn

Author — Jerri Croft


☆☆☆ Bullcrap!!! President Trump's family HAS been threatened!!! And noone has insighted racism more than Big Mike!!! There is something wrong with a first lady in OUR Whitehouse, that wasn't even proud to be a American until she was 45 years old!!! Give me a break! She was sent a bill on misuse of her spending! PAYUP!!!

Author — Myrna Lemke