Hachalu Hundessa - Maalan Jira! **NEW**2015** (Oromo Music)

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Oromo Music

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I just followed a CNN link, I'm sorry I hadn't heard of him before. The upbeat energy is amazing. Condolences to his family & friends.

Author — Ken W


Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬 ... sorry Ethiopian 🇪🇹 brothers/sisters for his loss! 😢

Author — Abdulmalik Idris


I'm a Nigerian American, not too long ago I heard about this guy. I love his music even though I don't understand what he is saying but I can feel his positive energy. Thanks for standing up for what is right. May his soul rest in peace.

Author — Ben Obi


Rip bro your death was a loss to the Horn of Africa and the kushitic race

From Somalia🇸🇴🙏🏼

Author — Mohamed Muse


They murdered you, but they can never silence you my dear😭😭❤❤

Author — kena feda


Miss u legend. My first ever fav music album. I am also working in Ambo, oromia region. Heared more about you.... Great loss to our mankind... Inspiring songs... Miss u brother, respect and love from, Tamil Nadu, India....

Author — Dr. Deepak Sankaran


Love from india ❤️🇮🇳 I didn't understand the song but really joyfull song and so beautiful culture

Author — Hi-tech Chouhan


ኦሮምኛ ኣላውቅም ኤርትራዊ ነኝ ከመንም ፖለቲከኛ በላይ.ለሃጫሉ ኣድናቆትና ክብር ኣለኝ ምክንያቱም የኢሃዴግ ባለስልጣናት ፊት ቆሞ ለህዝብ ያቀረበው ዜማ ማንም ሰው ሂወቱን ለአደጋ ኣጋልጦ ሊያደርገው ኣይችልም ሃጫሉ ግን ኣደረገው ጀግናም.ያንሰዋል ነብስህን በገነት ያኑርልን

Author — Ataklti Beraki


I love my brothers omramia from Ogaden!👬

Author — Bashir Mahammud


I am somali. oromo and somali they are brothers Hachluu😭😭😭😭😭

Author — siciid shire


I am Somali. I love my Oromo brothers and sisters. Rest in piece King Hachalu 😭.

Author — Zack Omar


Love from west africa, Guinea-Bissau.
Fulanis became Oromos people in Ethiopia and are all the same lineage and culture.

I am Fulani in west Africa and Oromo and Fellata in East you all guys.

Author — Boss Baldeh


I am Kenyan stay in Eastleigh near oromo mosque l love his song which is played in my neighbour house Rip 😪😪😪😪

Author — Samuel Matheri


I can not able to stop listening this song, I don't understandk the language but really relaxed my mind, lots of love brothers and sisters from Eritrea 🇪🇷

Author — EriLove EriLove


Am an eritrean just bieng emotional 😭 can’t stop crying. He rly had have awesome works that make him proud and hero forever rip

Author — Fre Gm


I from somalia is goood music
I am not understand❤

Author — dhulka somalida


The one who killed hachalu hundesa will never rest in peace rip 😭from 🇸🇴🇩🇯

Author — Khaled Babanaye


He has 20 million on this video that keep reposting it he is the best African artist seller on amzon

Author — patrice evra official


አይቆጭህም የምታምንበትን ተናግረህ፣ የምታምንበትን ሆነህ ፣ ቀና ብለህ ላመንክበት አልፈሃል ፣ ማንም ሺ ዓመት አይኖርም፣ ቀና ብሎ ያመነበትን ተናግሮ ማለፍ ክብር ነው።
መልካም ጉዞ ሀጫሉ

Author — George Lampard


He was an icon of Oromo music! You will be missed terribly.

Author — Mike X