'Black Swan' Dance Double Speaks Out

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'Black Swan' Dance Double Speaks Out 4
Sarah Lane says "Black Swan" producers asked her to keep quiet on her role.

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i mean did anyone actually think Natalie was doing all of the dancing en pointe?

Author — R. Oyler


I think people are misinterpreting Sarah's point. She knew that she wouldn't get much credit for her role as a double, and she already got paid for this. The thing that bothers her is that people assumed that Natalie danced 90% of the film, and how people were acknowledging how Natalie became such an amazing ballerina just after a year when it degrades other ballet dancers who trained for 20+years. Natalie is a great dancer, she's been dancing for 6 years when she was a kid, however she doesn't deserve the recognition as an "outstanding ballerina" when she didn't go through half the training of an actual ballet dancer. 

Author — Aspen Ahraea Cho


I always knew that it wasn't Natalie. You have to train your whole life to become a prima ballerina. Why would anyone expect Natalie to become one in such a short amount of time?

Author — Mia LuvsKisses


It's not the fact that she didn't give the double praise. It's the fact that she didn't mention that she had one which lead people to believe that she'd done something extraordinary. The woman even said that she still thought Natalie deserved her Oscar as they are for acting not dancing and Natalie sis a superb job. It's just really disrespectful to the professional ballet dancers that put hours a day into the art form for someone to imply that they could do it all in a year and a half.

Author — Irene Hogan


There should've been some credit mentioned, like how "we worked with Sarah Lane, a professional dancer and the ballet association to bring this movie to life" and then just leave it at that. A subtle credit mention would've been fair.

Author — SugarCoder - DIY Desserts & Crafts


They should BOTH get credit. I don't think Nathalie Portman can dance like Sarah.. But I also seriously doubt that miss Lane can act like Nathalie... :) So they BOTH made 'Nina' come to life on screen..

Author — Pim Smets


She's speaking out because the claim that Natalie danced 90% of the scenes is preposterous and diminishing to the skill of professional ballerinas and to the art that is ballet as a whole. It was a film that could have educated people about ballet, instead it did the exact opposite.

Author — Filippa Larsson


I knew there had to be a dance double. never once did I think Natalie did all that dancing herself and she should have given credit to miss Lane.

Author — Sultana Abdus-Salaam


I get it. She's not trying to put down Natalie or take her Oscar away. She's protecting her livelihood by pointing out that it's not as easy as we were led to believe during Natalie's Oscar campaign.

Author — Sabrina Gasulla


Why is everyone hating on this girl? She said herself that Natalie deserved to win, but she just wanted some recognition after they completely lied and said that Natalie did 90% of her dancing when she only did half,

Author — agizzy23


When you actually see natalie's face when she is dancing she is stiff as a piece of wood... so it was obvious she had a body double... what's the surprise..?

Author — RequiemFor America


5:25 80% of dance shots were Natalie? Oh you mean those "dance shots" where she moves her arms a lot? Yeah, okay...

Author — homeiswonderland


How exactly can you use pointe in 1.5 years?? It took me 12 years before my FIRST pointe shoes and you expect me to believe natalie got one in 1.5 years? And doing that much pirouette? Unbelievable

Author — caroline trisnawati


So much unnecessary anger towards Sarah. If she wanted rich and fame then ballet would have been the last career she would have gone into. 

Yes she was a stunt double and they know what they are signing up for. But most of the time actors admit when they haven't done their own stunts. The issue here is that not only are the film producers and promoters trying to claim that Natalie Portman has done all of the technical dancing that is in fact possible to have achieved in 18 months (it takes years just to become mediocre) but they are using this as a basis for her to get an oscar. Her acting in the role was brilliant enough but I suppose that as it was a ballet themed movie they needed to play up her dancing to make it more impressive.

Ballet can be a thankless career. They spend their lives training and facing competition and if they are lucky they get to dance in the corps. Those that do make the principal and soloist positions have short-lived careers as injuries and age creep up fast and then they retire as early as their late thirties. But they commit to it because they love it and thus I can imagine being equally as pissed if someone was being painted as having walked through an art form that you know takes a lifetime to develop.

Author — tigereyes5


NO ONE CARES THAT THERE WAS A STUNT DOUBLE! People care that Portman lied and said she did all the stunts. The lie is the issue, not the presence of a stunt double.

Author — VanillaSlash


Lane was satisfied with the credit she received as a stunt double, and knew the movie was a drama with an actress as the star. What she minded was the claim that Portman did 90% of the dancing simply because she was in 90% of the dancing shots. If the movie had been about a tightrope walker, and 90% of the tightrope walking shots had been of the starring actress on a plank seen from the waist up, no one would claim that the actress had done 90% of the stunt work. Some people in the producer's PR office deserve to lose their jobs over this. It must have been very unpleasant for Portman as well as for Lane.

Author — Shelagh McKenna


I was actually totally ignorant of the fact that Natalie had a body double. I know nothing about ballet and this movie was a favourite of mine because I thought, wow, Natalie must have trained really hard for this. Amazing! Now I will think twice about this movie. I was really shocked to see the quick portion where Sarah's face was edited and replaced with Natalie's. I didn't know technology was that good now. I already thought I was questioning everything but now I have to re-double my efforts in any high budget film.

I'm the perfect example of why this kind of obfuscation works. The double should have been mentioned in the credits at least because I had no idea. AFAIK they put her under some obscure category in the movie credits. There was an obvious attempt here to not let the public know the truth because the image of hollywood actresses is that they are perfect like the Gods and can do anything.

Give credit where credit is due.

Author — Orius25


...actors almost always have doubles? Daniel Radcliffe had a couple for some of the most risky scenes in Harry Potter and actually one of them got involved into a horrible accident in the making of the movie (I think one of the lights fell or something like that) and lost the ability to walk. I'm not really fact checking so idk how exact I'm being but I know it was something like that. And still, very few people know about him. Being a double is a hard, unthankful job, really.
That being said, it was really shity to make a campaign around the fact that Natalie did most of the dancing when she obviously could never had. Ballet is hardcore as fuck, you can't just wing it.

Author — PolliitoAle


Where's Kanye when you need him? Lmfao

Author — Selasor R


honestly i can see why the double is mad, natalie never talked about a double, and many thought natalie did all the dancing, which is an insult to the ones who have trained all their life

Author — sallyburger