Hades 2 Official Reveal Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

DEATH TO KRONOS. Supergiant revealed it’s next project, their first ever sequel, Hades II, the follow up to the seminal rouge-like experience. Like it’s predecessor, Hades II will come to early access as it develops.

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Author — Aaron Pasache


For anyone who doesn't know, that's Melinoe, and like Zagreus, she's an actual minor goddess from the myths.

Author — Martin Chotětický


Anyone else admire the symmetry that Zagreus was trying to escape up to the surface and Melinoe is trying to sneak down from the surface?

Author — Pyron 5


The year Hades came out my home was destroyed by cat 4 hurricane. I spent about 4 months living in hotel rooms, out of a suitcase in random peoples living rooms, and in my car for some time. Because of the massive damage to our town we couldn’t do much but wait for fema to process disaster relief. Literally all I had during this time was my phone, some clothes, and my switch with hades on it. Playing this game got me through the darkest months of my life and even added a bit of joy and light to some days that seemed genuinely hopeless. When I saw this art style in the first few seconds of the trailer I teared up. I have since been able to relocate to a home with a roof over my head and have now played almost all of supergiants games. Can’t wait to play this next one.

Author — iThylamyde


I'm so unbelievably hyped for this sequel.

Author — K H.


this game was my comfort game during tough times, so the fact that it's getting a sequel?? i might cry 😭😭

Author — fallowfrog


Melione; goddess of souls lost before reaching the underworld; goddess of ghosts and judgement, who is sent to the surface with her lost soul army and retrieves the offerings left for the dead. Described as a being half of light and half of shadow, daughter of Persephone and Hades.

Author — Reptilus Reptosis


So from what I got so far, you're playing as Melinoe, who is a child of Persephone like Zagreus; she's his sister. The father varies from myth to myth, but going off of what she said in this trailer, it seems like her father is Hades. Unlike Zagreus, who constantly fights to get to the surface, Melinoe seems to be fighting to get into the underworld. Not only that, she is trying to reach her father, mirroring Zagreus's adventure where he was trying to get to his mother.

Author — Kaylen Vee


I've never been so excited for a sequel in my life

Author — Parker


Fun fact: Melinoe seems to have an athame and a boline as weapons. An athame is a ceremonial blade used in modern witchcraft to channel and direct energy, not usually used to actually cut things. The boline is the small sickle shaped blade, and is used in modern witchcraft for more practical things like cutting cords, carving runes or sigils, and harvesting plants.

So Melinoe has learned how to fight from Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads, and subsequently uses tools of witchcraft as weapons.

Author — La Brujita


I legit squealed when I saw this pop up HADES 2 LET'S GO!!!

Author — Jacob G.


My guess is the witch is Hecate, associated with magic/witchcraft. She was often depicted as three-formed, and her design could be Supergiant doing a neat little wink to that depiction of her by having her shoulder pauldrons also be faces for a total of three faces.

Author — Apex Gale


My theory is because of Zagreus' escape antics, Chronos was able to escape and imprisoned Hades in his place. To free him they need to defeat Chronos who escaped to the surface. Zagreus can't survive on the surface & maybe has to cover his father's job now, so it's up to his little sister Melinoe to save the day. Seems like she trained with Hecate much like Zagreus trained with Achilles

Author — Curious Chicana


Words cannot express my my excitement right now. The 1st game was a masterpiece

Author — SpAC3GH0sT100


The first game was and still is a masterpiece. Tbh I'm not sure how they'll top that.

Author — Jesse Peterson


A darker tone compared to the first game, Zag seemingly missing, and Hades captured? Lord I can't wait

Author — Bii Yén


I have more than 700 runs on Hades and i never get tired of it, one of the best games i have ever played. I was hoping for a DLC, but a new game is more than welcome. I am so excited for this

Author — Cristiano Junior


Smart sale timing for Hades 1! I bought it this week for like 10 bucks and have been absolutely blown away by it. Good to see they're rolling with this epic ball theyve built.

Author — Gus Mcbean


I've had a genuine heart attack as soon as this trailer dropped. Hades was one of my absolute favorite games back when it released so a sequel definitely was jaw dropping. One of the best announcements of the game awards in my opinion, I can't wait <3

Author — ShotaiMoo


I cannot wait to play this game! I was always hoping Apollo would show up in Hades, the music sounds as rad as ever!

Author — S Van