RETRO MIX (Part 43) Best Deep House Vocal & Nu Disco

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

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00:00 Sako Isoyan & Irina Makosh - Dreamer (DJ Marika & Tripwerk Remix)
06:05 The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep (Ian Tosel Remix)
12:03 Nayio Bitz - Believer (Nikko Culture Remix)
16:40 Madonna - Frozen (Ian Tosel Remix)
23:53 Alexander Hristov - You (Original Mix)
27:57 Monoteq & Toly Braun feat. Leonard Bee - Breathe (Original Mix)
33:07 Mike R - Keep Believing (Nikko Culture Remix)
38:41 G Papa Ft. Tara - Sunshine (The Distance & Riddick Mix)
44:26 Housenick - Baby Don_'t Go (Paul Lock Remix)
49:21 Nando Fortunato - Important Story (Costa Mee Remix)
53:42 Costa Mee & GeoM - Everything About Love (Nikko Culture remix)
58:00 Basile - Infinity (Monoteq & Grisha Gerrus Remix)
1:03:58 Nayio Bitz - Never Forget (Nando Fortunato Remix)

Best Deep House Vocal & Nu Disco 2022

Our Favourites Producers & Djs:

Kicevski - Sharapov - The Bestseller - VetLove - Melih Aydogan Nikko Culture Sooren - Caglar BAL - Jaytor - ​ Costa Me - Pete Bellis & Tommy - Nando Fortunato - The Distance - Deepest & AMHouse - NICCKO - Andrey Kravtsov - mark lower - Andrey Exx - Anton Ishutin Goldhand - Andrey Keyton A-Mase - Audioboy - Stefre Roland - Obzkure - LIFEBIRDS - ZENI N TONYSTAR - Berkan Sunteroglu - Rudii - Sean David - O´Neill - Igor Kalinin - Nando Farelah John Reyton - Luis Valencia - Spoiljack - Ivan Spell - Ian Tosel - Kvant - Alexander Hristov - Natasha Baccardi - Geonis - Lisitsyn - RoelBeat - Zonatto - PAUL LOCK - Etc.......

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Как всегда зачётная музычка, спасибо Бро! Продолжай, в том же духе!

Author — Алиса Овчеренко


Powerful & Qualuty Mix🏆👈Best of the Best Trackslist😍🔥💯👍Happy Feeling🎧🎶🙃Good mood at work🔥💃🔥😜Thank You Marc🙏🤗Happy day🌞🙋‍♀️❤

Author — Viola o&g Vibes


С первой песни яаааа тацуюююю, кайфушки

Author — Елена


Morning ☕️ ‘keep believing’ in great music. Always a pleasure starting my day with best memories with best music 😁🎶🔊🔥🎛🙌🏼😎👌 have a fab day 🥳💃🕺🏻

Author — JDtunez


Excelentes Mixes Crack. 👏👏🌟🌟💫💫💖💖💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺

Author — Ruben San Mauro Del Bosqur


Have a nice day 🌞 for all music lovers! 💗🎼🎤👌☘

Author — Monika Lanos


Great video about the rest, gives good emotions. ❤❤😍😍

Author — Walker Channel


You wake up my dreams, Thank you ! 🔊🔊🎋♥️🔊🎋

Author — Вилям Леонардо Панченко


seguir el canal "motivacion para el alma" habla mucho del padre para los que le gusta el padre.

Author — jose maria lopez


Life has taught me that everything changes, friends, feelings, words spoken, promises made. But despite disappointments and trials, I go forward stronger than in the past. Because he who is alive puts his heart in everything he does, and he never gives

Author — Djami Dz 🕊️


O melhor das pistas é aqui.. Gerson Gomes Teresina/ Piauí... Brasil

Author — Gerson gomes da Silva Gomes