Progression (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Progression (Short Comedy Sketch) 4

Starring Simon Higgins & Jennifer Carnovale.
Directed by Lauris Beinerts
Produced by James Hanline, Muzzaffar Khan & Lauris Beinerts
Screenplay by Lauris Beinerts, Story by Aigars Zupa
Director of Photography: Malte Rosenfeld
Production Designer: Karina Beinerte
Editor: Balint Tusor
Composer: Janis Sokolovskis
1st Assistant Director: James Hanline
Sound Recording & Design: Janis Sokolovskis
1st Assistant Camera: Connor Snedecor
2nd Assistant Camera: Phil Hartwell
Make-up Artist: Emma Gorbey
Colourists: Belgin Kaplan & Malte Rosenfeld

We made this video using:
- A hospital bed as a dolly
- No actual kittens, unfortunately

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💬 Comments

"Is there a cat nearby that's miraculously given birth to a human? I'll happily swap." Awesome! Love it. ^_^

Author — fuzzylumpkin49


This was confusing, I feel like i missed the joke

Author — David Griver


When I was pregnant I had a dream that I gave birth to a kitten.

Author — Lisa Tere


Just love it :D (and of course, kitten)

Author — psycholoic


Funny video, but
• I spent too much time puzzling over the blood on her collarbone. In the end I figured it's just some afterbirth joke.
• I didn't think the final (written) tag was necessary. I thought it overstated what was already mostly obvious. Nothing like spelling out irony to remove the irony.
• one question that the video completely failed to answer: what color ink was the kitten done in?

Author — 77thTrombone


I really love this channel. I love the way they have a message in each video. Quality content

Author — Kudoshi


I like all of your videos, you are very talented! Have to say I didn't love this one thou. Keep them coming!!

Author — Carlos Eduardo González


The sketches on this channel are so damn good. They deserve millions of views. Very good work 🙌🙃

Author — Isha Sethi


ahahahah)))I really thought that he would take it for himself.So naive))

Author — Witching Mushroom


what audio set up and gear did you use? love all your videos btw

Author — Langston Golf


😂😂 i also watched the expert
these vids are great

Author — anonymous 000000


I hope that doesnt happen in the future :D 

Author — rasha nour


Hahaah this was funny, looking forward for more like this.

Author — S RH


And two years later the UK voted to leave the EU....

Author — rjy8960


You have to do more videos... these are hilarious.

Author — blackhat2005


What I got out of this is that the medical community spread disinformation about genetic mutations so that they could clean up on the black market for slaves and organs and such.

Author — Jeeves Proper


HQ as always, your shorts never cease to amaze me. 

Author — Daniel


Nothing makes me happier than finding out you've done another sketch. I still show all my friends 'the expert' and I loved this too! Thanks and keep it up :)

Author — darketherealv2


In which universe is this funny ... and what the hell have you people been smoking ?

Author — Kingsley Kronk K