2023 Silver Eagles are Here. Are They Worth It?

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The 2023 American Silver Eagles are available from online dealers such as APMEX. Are you collecting or stacking silver eagles in 2023? Or are you stacking silver bullion bars, private minted rounds, or gold?

Are you a steady buyer of physical gold and silver? Did you increase your holdings in 2022 and what are your bullion plans in 2023?

Compared to other world mints, each year the US Mint waits until the new year to release the coin with the most current year date on them. While other mints try and get the jump on the "next year's model" like a car company, you can't get a 2023 US coin until 2023. But now that 2023 is officially here, the 2023 silver eagles are here!

But now that it is 2023, Where can you get them?

Browse or Buy Silver Eagles, US Mint gold and silver coins, or any other items!

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Being a stacker is about being independent and about personal responsibility, so it might make sense to not even buy precious metals at this time. Having an emergency cash savings fund is important as well as paying off debt. Only you know your own financial situation.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial planner, so this is not financial advice. This is for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Please conduct your own research prior to investing in gold, silver, or other investments.

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APMEX has great service and a BIG inventory.

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Author — Silver Heist


That’s just it. Setting goals is a great way to stay focused on a task. I don’t see anything wrong with grabbing a few eagles here and there if the “time” is right for you, me, or anybody. Cheers.

Author — Paulybuck


My personal philosophy is by what you like. My problem with the Eagles is there’s not much for me to like. It’s a decent design, but when compared to the maple or the Brittania and fall short, so I’m buying none.

Author — Trident


I have a set of things on my short list. We'll see what happens with premiums on Eagles. If they continue to decline I might buy a tube. If not, well there's other silver out there. Thanks!

Author — QuickSilver


I just quietly stopped stacking the ASE after 2020. In 2021, I purchased two slabbed and graded ones just to have them and some proof ASE's. No plans to stack the ASE this year either because of the price. That said, I do miss stacking US silver bullion and hope to return to stacking them someday. Big fan of the 100 gram Germania Mint you picked up, that one gets added to the fractional kilo!

Author — Silver Struck


Good show sir. I’d love to get more ASE if the premium went down. Lovely collection man.

Author — Metal Bum


The ASE’s premiums have dropped a bit. I hope it continues. I need to keep my collection going. That Perth mint kilo is sweeeet. The poured Wick continental bar is growing on me!

Author — Eli


Well, I know I need at least 1 ASE in order to continue my date set, but I'd like to get more if the premiums ever normalize.
However, I'm definitely planning on another Kilo or two this year.

Author — Bullion Addict


I think people should be investing more in classic American Silver coins, Silver Heist like Morgans and Peace dollar, especially lower mintage dates. These are going up like crazy each year. It's better to buy these coins slabbed, hang on to them and flip them a few years later. To make serious money you need them in a grade of MS65 or better.

Author — Gold Maple


Appreciated the video SH - Thanks!
Was able to vicariously enjoy the purchase & unboxing of the ‘23 ASEs, without having to do it, Myself!


Author — A Gentle Madness


2018 was the best time cuz that was when I was able to stack $500 oz with 200 of those being eagles the cost average $17.02. My stacking will slow way down after the premiums got outrageous I buy more collectibles stuff now nuismatic and it always holds its value

Author — Ehren Krause


Congrats on getting those 23 eagles. I hope premiums come down for them in the coming months

Author — SalivateMetal


The 23 ASE are definitely worth every penny. No boycott, buy American ! 🏳‍🌈 Greets from GER, U. 😉😂

Author — Uwe Adamski


If I'm buying ASEs, I'm only buying type 1 designs. Premium certainly played a large part in slowing demand.

Author — Campbell's Coins


Now that I have a kilo... I want more, it's the perfect heft imho. I'm not particularly motivated to buy eagles, but I will keep my options open. I wish you an abundance of bling in 2023. Smash.

Author — John W


Things worth having are worth paying up for

Author — Kayne Fryday


I like to have a new year/date ASE each year as well as one of each of the six major sovereigns I've stacked. I only bought a few last year and have 5 ordered this year... not tubes like past years, though. ha! I ordered an empty tube as well, just in case!

Author — GE TX


I'm all eagles, My 2023 goal is $120 face in each silver, gold and platinum eagles. I'm focusing on platinum 1st, though I'll probably order a mint sealed tube of silver eagles this weekend, I see hero bullion has them for $32.



I don’t keep silver eagles for financing, I just collect the new proof releases.

Author — Goofy ahh toaster


I’ll hold off until they show up for resale at the LCS 😀

Author — Coin Sense And Nonsense