Wormrot - Voices (2016) Full Album (Grindcore)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Third full length album from Singapore grinders, Wormrot. All Rights To Their Respective Owners.

1. Blockhead Fuck Off 00:00
2. Hollow Roots 01:09
3. Exit Fear 02:05
4. God's in His Heaven 02:48
5. Oblivious Mess 03:50
6. Descending into the Unknown 05:15
7. Dead Wrong 06:06
8. Fallen into Disuse 06:14
9. The 1st World Syndrome 07:34
10. Shallow Standards 08:55
11. Fake Moral Machine 09:48
12. Forced Siege 10:59
13. Take Aim 12:16
14. Still Irrelevant 13:29
15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind 13:35
16. Compassion Is Dead 14:36
17. Buried the Sun 17:25
18. Defaced 20:10
19. The Face of Disgrace 21:11
20. Outworn 22:25

💬 Comments

This is absolutely fucking insane. This has got to be one of the best grind albums released in the past 5 years. So much fucking aggression and energy.

Author — An Anonymous User


Grindcore is the art of controlled noise, and Wormrot prove it. Nice to hear stuff this good coming from Singapore. The only grinders who ever came close to this in America were Insect Warfare, and they're gone. Keep the grind fire burning boys!

Author — Michael Zachary


This is sanding my brain until it’s smooth in the best possible way

Author — hex bug


I guess this is what happens when you have to vent at least 5 years of bullshit this band had to go through, AND get a drummer who's a machine. This is definitely one of my top 5 albums this year.

Author — JP


There's nothing like relaxing with a bit of Wormrot.

Author — Patrick Stott


Just getting into grindcore and this band and Full of Hell are the best modern bands I've heard so far

Author — Connor Chapman


Has a lot of diversity and speed. Wormrot did it again with another great grindcore album.

Author — shea


From beginning to end this is an amazing album. I'm blown away. Also, I would love it if Wormrot and Rotten Sound would tour together (someone make that happen, please).

Author — Heavymetalvideogamer


Some of the riffs here sound kind of like black metal. Very nice.

Author — Bop Bop Perono


Самый лучший и качественный грайндкор за последнее

Author — Мария Р


a must buy!, amazingly fresh sounding grindcore album!

Author — anna elvira postma


these guys keep getting better and better. this is like... all my favorite genres of extreme metal in one album.

Author — Steven Nance


As a father of two, my music does not always fly with the family. Found this Voices album om my EarPods while painting a room in the house. Holy shit, this is one big masterpiece! I know grind, and this is fucking awesome👏🏻🙏🏻

Author — SV Fun


Hands down best grindcore album ever made

Author — Mcbillander Koutsakis


Seriously impressive album. Killer riffs galore here on top of the speed and variety and glorious production. Mind blowing live act also.

Author — Satanstoenail666


The ending starting from 23:23 is just beautiful. This totally sounds like you're locked in this coffin of insanity with melancholy, impotence in life, without the way out. Just checked the lyrics and it kind of sounds like it damn. The end grind of Compassion is Dead blasted the fuck out of my soul. This is why I love metal, for it's raw emotion.

Author — kubasniak


El mejor disco de grindcore de los últimos años!

Author — MEN TO MEN Bar


Ordered a "Dirge" shirt a while back, eagerly awaiting it's delivery. Wormrot is my favorite grind band, only followed by the likes of PALM and Insect Warfare

Author — Nume


Becoming one of my top grind albums and it's been out less than two years. Just loving it 💕

Author — mr. god


So many good bands to discover, these guys have only just made it onto my platform and they shot straight to the top of my favourites. Sing&pour their hearts out in this music that is as tight as a jumbo jet up a ducks arse. As soon as i have enough money back in the bank i`m buying all 3 albums.

Author — ØrPhÄn MüRpHy