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It doesn't happen very often that a flanger blows my mind. But when it happens I'm very happy about it, haha! The Airborn is really cool and does a few things I've never seen before. Enjoy the video and leave a comment below!

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0:00 Introduction
0:31 Intro track
1:42 What is this pedal?
2:55 PLAYING | Subtle flanging
3:26 The knobs and features
4:59 PLAYING | Oxidation settings
6:06 PLAYING | Strong flanging
6:28 PLAYING | Chorus tone
7:43 Positive / negative feedback toggle
8:33 PLAYING | Feedback comparison
9:21 The footswitches
10:02 PLAYING | The Hold switch
10:25 My thoughts
11:52 PLAYING | subtle flanging w/ overdrive
13:22 PLAYING | EVH Flanger tone

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-Krozz Devices Airborn flanger

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-Gibson Les Paul CM 2015 - heavily modified "Junior"
-Barocsi Troublecaster - Custom built T-style
-Barocsi "Frankenstrat"

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💬 Comments

Kris, thank you so much for this amazing video! You showed several excellent configurations and managed to cover both worlds of the pedal: the subtle and the eccentric! Very cool!

Author — Krozz Devices


Wow that pedal sounds amazing. Thanks Kris for great playing as always 👏😃

Author — Håkan Killberg


Such a killer pedal. Hoping for some UK distributor pick up

Author — Toby Howarth


Hey Kris, if you are interested in other Brazilian pedal brands you should definitely check Deep Trip and Utopia FX, they make killer world class stuff. Take a look!

Author — Mozart Silvano Pereira


Nice finger on the Reel sounds 🤘🏽.
I like having a bit of flange in the W’s of my WDW rig it adds so much thickness

Author — Poo Ninja


Cool demo Kris
Flanger often sounds metalic to my ear, not this, it sounds so good I've just ordered one 😀 👍

Author — Karl Longbottom Guitars


This pedal sounds incredible! Another one for the shopping list, haha. Thank you for the great demo!

Author — Trail of Giants


I felt like I was listening to myself when you discussed modulation pedals in general. I used to be addicted to chorus in particular, until I got my great sounding pedals, a few excellent guitars and tube amp setups. Once I was getting those kind of great tones, mod pedals went right out the door, and I was finding it hard to even listen to mod pedals, almost always something about them that sounded weak, artificial or grating sounding, But this pedal really bucked that trend for me, and for exactly the way you characterized it as being "musical" sounding. Great demo, excellent sounding pedal.

Author — Truthasvictim


The price is reasonable for this pedal - Good buy sounds Great

Author — The Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Effect


Loved what you were playing at around 6:30, reminded me of Steve Hackett on Genesis arlbums.

Author — Tyrion Lannister


Kris, you should check their vibe pedal: Krakenheart

Author — BioHazardBHZ


This is awesome Just ordered one Thanks Kris!

Author — Arrodis Baletide


Just got mine, this is the first and last flanger for me… before fuzzes? WOW!

Author — E. Seyfi Moroğlu


2:56 beautiful playing and tone, reminds me bleeding me by metallica

Author — P Z


Great review! Brazil has SO MANY good stuff! You have no idea...
Nice socks btw!

Author — Felipe Martin


It resembles the sound on active pickups when the battery is low.(sorry if there are mistakes, I don't know English well)



ooh! Nice one. Sweet playing my dude!!!

Author — Tempissed


I am a flanger fan and am incredibly picky about what connects to me. I don't want thick, I don't want "basically chorus" (chorus is lame imo), but I do want subtle, simple, cutting. So despite having found & using my preferred flanger already it says a lot that I've pulled up their website to look into this pedal more.

Author — Git_Shiddy


Nice solo on the intro, bud. Very nice.

Author — Evan Hammond


Sounds as high quality as the OPFXS Electric Vibe Phaser. Much prefer phasers over flangers.

Author — Ma Ja