The problem with America's college entrance exam

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The problem with America's college entrance exam 4.5

In the U.S., your SAT score is hugely important. But what does it *really* measure?

The SAT college extrance exam is a gatekeeper of opportunity. But this wasn't always the case.

Here are some sources I found useful when reporting out this piece:

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SAT's measures how good you are at taking SAT's, duh

Author — Naiuhz


So you’re telling me. If this person didn’t had this weird fascination of ranging peoples intelligence into some kind of scale/meter format that I wouldn’t have to stress over SATS so much-

Author — Oath Draws


Imagine your schooling system being so bad that you need an extra college entrance exam so that colleges believe your qualification

Author — phoeenix


They rush you, and your unprepared and expect you to do well. School is a joke, it should be more about preparing and less about tests.

Author — Superbros


America: Makes laws that don’t allow black ppl to go to school
Black ppl: gets bad scores on test
America: *surprised pikachu face*

Author — Bella M


"Your SAT score measures how well you do in college"
*ba dum tsk*

Author — Kelvin Tran


Only 27% of students apply to six or more schools. I applied to 19 😬

Edit: I have decided to attend Boston College this fall!

Author — Gracie Gutierrez


all these people commenting "i'm poor and i got a 1300 by studying a lot" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ we are talking about that poor people on average are less likely to get a great score, not that it's impossible! There is a difference between inequality in general and a specific success story

Author — Julia Diers


**Shows parents**

Parents: Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

Author — Ethan


3:10 "Then, WW2 ended.
*shows footage of WW1 soldiers coming home*

Author — Brick Break


SAT: **exists**
chinese and korean entrance exams: *"please allow me to introduce myself"*

Author — Sophie Tao


It doesn’t measure any intellect - only shows how good you are at taking that particular test. I got a 1390 the first time, practiced during the summer and got a 1500 the second time (a score considered to be very good by most students). Did I become more ‘intelligent’ during those three months - of course not. I just became more acquainted with the topics it covers and got better at answering the questions.

Author — Marko Veljanovski


"I didnt graduate from harvard, but I have people working for me who did" -elon musk.
Anything is possible, dont let this system define you.

Author — aidans ghost


I don't know why people would drop $1K on this test when Khan Academy is FREE.

Author — Thomas Cusack


Vox : the problem with America's college entrance exam
India : Hold my rank

Author — Satya Sujan


The guy who invented SATs sounds like the type of kid to remind the teacher about the homework

Author — Oti Oats


That moment when you really that *even more things in America are tied to Racism*

Author — Regis A. Lecomte


Standardized testing in America really isn’t the best, but it’s a lot better than some other countries. Places like India, Hong Kong, China, etc literally decides your life based on your results.

Americans should be more thankful, just because you don’t get a higher score, doesn’t mean you still can’t go to a decent college. You don’t need to be in an Ivy League to be able to strive towards success.

Author — retarded aspie


Vox: *makes a video about SATs*
ACTs: *am I a joke to you*

Author — *•Mccayla White•*


" Low score should never be a veto on a student's life"
gaokoa/ JEE : *chuckles*

Author — abhishek shankar