The Best Belize Vacation - Coco Plum Resort - Most Romantic Island

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The Best Belize Vacation - Coco Plum Resort - Most Romantic Island 5

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JPB - Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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Locations and activities:
CoCo Plum Island Reservation - $4,932 USD per couple
Scuba Diving Certification - $550 USD
Belize Barrier Reef
Xunantunich - The Maiden Of The Rock, San Ignacio, Belize

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Belize is filled with adventures. I had so much fun blogging my trip.

Author — thatssojayah


I WANT YOUR LIFE. And you just watch - once I'm all healed up from this dreaded disease, I'M GOING TO GO FOR IT!! Mark my words. ;)

Author — KTnarnia


love this video! My dad has the DJI phantom 3 pro as well :)

Author — Isabel Ramsay


FINALLY! A nice vlog on Belize. The others kind of put me to sleep tbh.

Author — maya nelson


i went there this summer too and just uploaded a video love it !!!

Author — Sierra Mack


Honeymooned on Coco Plum first week of Aug 2015. Must have just missed you. Sheer paradise. Thanks for the video, makes me even more excited about our plans to return there soon.

Author — Diori Thomas


I love how you two like to travel and do photography like me. You have ensured me to travel the world and make vids in memory. And this is why I am going to subscribe 🙂🙂🙂👍👍 keep doing what your doing

Author — Derrick Leroy


Awesome video! Keep it up! My boyfriend and I are trying to travel more and Belize looks really nice. We're wondering if the island reservation includes food and other activities? Thank you! :)

Author — Where is Jun


Thanks for the like on instagram! Love the video! Keep up the good work! Grtz, Tim

Author — TRifficVision


you guys have a good life, be grateful and enjoy!!

Author — AndJorD


Dude this video is everything! Love it! Great job! Cant wait to eventually get a phantom. Love how you put so much info in the description!

Author — Rahshan Hayes


Amazing Videos !!! My hubby and I just bought GoPro hero4 silver.
I wanted to ask you one thing about the camera case.
- When you are in the water: which water housing do you use ?
- When you are not in the water ( like when you are on the motorcycle and car and such... ) which housing do you use?

Thank you!

Author — Rose Fitz


Hi there love your vids thinking of getting a go pro for my adventures thanks for the vids 🇯🇲✈️

Author — Five Ten 5.10


Great video!!  I have been to Coco Plum Resort 8 times (Every year since our first visit).  My wife and I travel to 2-3 places a year, but one trip is always to Coco Plum!  Fantastic getaway with an amazing staff to meet your every need!  I am curious, what is the other island you show at the beginning and again at 1:24?

Author — Mr7fireman


Awesome drone footage man! Belize is definitely on our bucket list :)

Author — Calvin Krause


where did you get your go pro pole from?

Author — Lewis Elharhari


I live bicuriously through you guys!!! thanks for making my day with this video!!!

Author — Shane Drummond


So cool!! Thanks for sharing. We're thinking of going there end of July. Did you guys use a drone for the footage?

Author — Paola Maritza


*Belize was awesome i was there at Coco Plum like 7 months a go, it was a great time, good food, super nice peps and beautiful scenery!*

Author — jarvis thomas


Your videos are beautiful, thank you for sharing your journeys :)

Author — Liv Volpe