Raw Video: Troops, military equipment arrive in Texas

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Raw Video: Troops, military equipment arrive in Texas 5
Troops arrive in San Antonio, Texas as part of Operation Faithful Patriot to support agents at the US-Mexico border.

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To the mightiest men & women, we're so lucky to have you.

Author — Sarmad Alnaib


God bless you, and thank you for keeping us safe

Author — Geo Mondiale


these boys are defending our country, god please watch over these patriots

Author — Michael Mitreski


God bless you troops we appreciate y'alls service and get back safely thanks

Author — Gulf Charlie


Amigos, those are M-16s. Joubettarun!

Author — Joker OneNineSevenZero


They just opened a big can of whuppass .

Author — Corey M


Finally, some properly spent tax dollars. I approve!

Author — DikoMan


Send them to California, too. People who don't live in border states don't realize the results of 40 years of not enforcing our immigration laws.

Author — Jeanne90275


God keep them safe!! Thank you to God and our military for keeping us safe!!!

Author — WTF !


Donald Trump is gonna end up the greatest president to ever live!

Author — Russell Bodie


God bless our troops! President Trump is the greatest president ever and protects our borders!

Author — Barbara Bee


This is what our troops are actually for.

Author — Black Privilege Exists


And Trump said, "Rocks are to be considered the same as a rifle", so there maybe some blood shed if these men start throwing rocks to hurt Military personal, like they did in Mexico and end up getting shot. Maybe when this happens they will back off and go back to where they came from. I sure hope so.

Author — Marla Almaraz


I am so proud of our Armed Forces, and our great President! Thank you! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — Eileen Kauffman


Break out the rifles boys, it's hunting time!

Author — Jesus Christ


What day does the caravan arrive to the border because I want to get front row seats.

Author — TrickyPanda 65


We have Never had a secure Border! This is the first time in History.

Author — Fr Louie Goad


I'm tried of hearing about the migrants, what about the stories of those serving our country. 👮🏿👍🏼🇺🇸

Author — Davee Talbott


build fort Trump on border permanent military presence on border

Author — Dion Peterson


There’s a gun under every pillow in Texas LOL. The reason why our military is being sent to the border is not to protect us from the caravan it’s to protect the caravan from Texas LOL! God bless Texas! 😎👍✅

Author — Bryce Salte