Kiev,USA used Inhumane Phosphorus Bombs on Semenovka

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Kiev,USA used Inhumane Phosphorus Bombs on Semenovka 4.5
Ukrainian army shelled the village of Semenovka. The shelling was with incendiary Phosphorus Bombs. They exploded at a low altitude, divided into several burning parts . As a result, the village had several fires. Why attack innocent people with horrible weapons outlawed by Geneva Convention? "Phosphorus bombs" is prohibited by international treaties.
According to eyewitnesses the sounds of cannon fire could be heard not only in the Semyonovka, but near the village of Oriental.
Weapons containing white phosphorus, spreads, ignites combustion temperature exceeds 800 degrees Celsius, for large parts of the area of ​​which can reach several hundred square meters. Combustion continues until all the phosphorus is burnt out or until no available oxygen. Such weapons can cause extremely serious and painful injuries or provoke a slow and painful death. For the treatment of such injuries requires specially trained medical personnel who can also tools and medication for phosphorous wounds.
This material ignites upon contact with air, so it is stored in water. Use of white phosphorus produces a complex effect - not only smoke and flame, but also a psychological shock. According to the researchers one of the features of phosphoric bombs is charring organic tissues while maintaining clothing and creating an inhalation burning mixture thus burning the lungs.
The use of such munitions against civilians, as well as air strikes against military targets in civilian areas is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

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Experimentation is necessary for evaluation of a span of results regarding intensity of explosive measures in energy levels that determine physical (life), materal and organic devestation and the intensity inflicted in expanding areas! The atom bombs
droped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki contained different nuclear isotopes!

Author — Alphonse Ponzillo


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