Zakharenko Calls Up the Donetsk Reserves: Donbass Gears Up For Full-Scale Kiev Offensive

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Zakharenko Calls Up the Donetsk Reserves: Donbass Gears Up For Full-Scale Kiev Offensive 4
This week, in the Donetsk People's Republic, a rear defensive echelon has been forming as a response to Kiev's statement that Donetsk will soon be besieged. The reservists have been called up. They are under the command of the Republic's MIA. A military exercise took place.

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Stand tall and confident comrades ! You fight for freedom, your cause is just and the victory will be yours !
Down the fascism ! Long live free Novorossya !

Author — Nick Cohen


How convenient - just prior to World Cup. Disrupt Russia as much as possible. Russia should turn the other cheek until after World Cup, then do as it pleases :). First the JIT BS "findings" about MH17, now it's again attacks on Donbas and Lugansk. Something else is sure to come along, seeing the West seems to string these against Russia in sets of 20 incidents at a time. (((SMH)))

Author — LKM 777


So this "Poor-O-Shit--ko" guy and his US ally really think that supplying the Ukraine army with lethal weapons will ease the situation or defeat these guys? I find it amusing!! This war will go on for years and Poroshenko and his US friends will eventually get weary and discouraged. It's clear the defense Units of Doneskt are always miles ahead of their enemies. Poroshenko is chasing a pipe dream.

It's simple: Proshenko must leave the eastern part alone to govern itself and form alliance with who ever they want.

Author — Fish Dawn


The CIA is brainwashing and feeding the same psychotropic drugs to the UAF they feed to their ISIS head choppers to send them insane.

Author — UVB76 -4625KHZ


Porkyshenko won't be happy until the Ukraine looks like Libya.

Author — Michelle Maher


Greetings from colombia ny russian brothers. Eternal glory to givi and motorolla

Author — Eternal Woods


Ukraine better not go against MINSK agreement. If they do, the will feel Russia's wrath.

Author — azerovc


Poroshenko needs to stop this war and sit to negotiate. or he must be punished for war crimes just like US wants to do with Syrian president.

Author — jose Navarrete


I lost faith in the German government at the time of the Maidan. Support of the fascist government ... have forgotten the history. I am still ashamed

Author — Георгий Юматов


Funny how NATO is doing absolutely opposite from a same thing that happened to Yugoslavia and Serbia! Hahaha, it's called exceptional hypocrisy, they are exceptional hypocritical maggots!

Author — Pasha Pasovski


Good luck Mr Zacharchenko! Give them hell! <3

Author — Ken Underwood


If there's anything those people should know it's how to defend themselves from invasion.

Author — John B.


Donbass needs to take the hills and be on top.

Author — Andy Roo


The goal is to spoil the World cup in Russia

Author — Joseph Lyakurwa


Support and prayer for you my brothers. I feel so ashamed that the ukrainian catholics do not stand up against killing our separated - but still so dear and often much faithfuller - orthodox brothers. This is a nightmare...

Author — Jacob d'Autriche


Ucrainians want to sold to west even donbass so they want conquest it. Ucrainians are poor looser, they think that EU and Nato take care of them but in fact for west ucrania is just cheap manpower and natural resources, that's why all biggest ucrainian companies are already sold to "foreign investors".
Also they are push to fight against their russian brothers, since divide et impera is the ABC of any new annextion

Author — Tony


Russia Needs To Invade Ukraine to save Russian and Ukraine lives !

Author — AntiCommunist


Those guys will never be defeated for a simple reason, they are fighting for their land, their homes, their families while the nazis Kiev sends to Donbass are fighting only for money or because they believe in some perverted ideology which was defeated right in those lands 73 years ago by an army of men like the ones in that video. The crooks in Kiev know that, this is why they don't dare to start an offensive. A defeat in Donbass for the nazis and Poroshenko might have unexpected consequences for them. It is not only Donbass that is "boiling" the whole of Ukraine is boiling Kharkov, Odessa, Mykolaiv any region might be next. Yet the real question is this, how do those "proud" Americans feel when they support a regime that idealizes Nazis and it is nazi to its core, the same nazis that really proud Americans gave their lives fighting in Europe ? This is a question I would like all those senators and generals to answer to us.

Author — the Eurasian warrior


Ukraine ran out of real men to fight them so now they are sending half dead junkies to the front lines hahaha UAF is a joke, wonder when Russia will move its troops in and clear these ukrop parasites for real

Author — Piz zei


Solidarität mit den Menschen im Donbass! Danke Patrick Lancaster, Graham Philips und Russel Bentley" Texas." Danke an Anna News, News Front und Vesti. Wir informieren uns regelmäßig über die wahren Geschehnisse und glauben nicht der westlichen Propaganda. ✌🇷🇺

Author — Brummel Teddybär