Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/6/21) | MLB Highlights

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Cardinals vs. Dodgers NL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/6/21.

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Juan Soto supporting his friend Mad Max was so wholesome! Looking forward to Giants vs Dodgers, that game is going to have World Series vibes.

Author — Scenic Fights


The energy at DS after the Jansen strikeout of O’Neil was nuts. And then the CT3 walk off…this is what October baseball is all about

Author — Bryce Greenstein


Am I the only one that think it’s crazy that the Dodgers and Giants have *never* faced off against each other in the playoffs? It’s gonna be a good series, I can’t wait!!

Author — TheHuskyK9


I waited and I WAITED for St Louis to score... Didn't happen. Then I waited and I WAITED for LA to score and I KNEW that would eventually happen. And it did.

Author — Vitality Massage


The artful Dodgers earn win or go home game versus Cardinals. Can't wait for them to face the Giants. Should be a good series.

Author — BE C


This game was so intense! Very close and well played to both teams!

Author — Yuhsss


The Giants/Dodgers NLDS is gonna be one for the ages. It’s a rivalry unlike no other

Author — Sports311


Bellinger had a very underrated performance today. Glad to see him playing well.

Author — Jayden


Dave Robert's best game in his coaching career. Every move was spot on.

Author — Kenny K.


Congrats to the Dodgers. The pitching was outstanding when my Cards had runners on. It was a heck of a game. Good luck the rest of the way.

Author — Derrick RR


Cards fan here. Our defense did everything to keep us in this game. But 0-11 with runners in scoring position wont win may games. Plus the minute Reyes was added in the 9th I knew it was game over. I expected the walk-off, unfortunately.

Author — cardlover6


Gotta admit. That was way closer than any of us were comfortable with. Willing to admit that I have no more nails to bite for the NLDS.

Author — Julian Morales-Silva


Thankful that the Dodgers weren’t victim to an insane one game playoff after winning 106 games. Now it’s time for the real playoffs, and it’ll be better with them in it. Cheers from a yankee fan

Author — ShutUpNerd


As a Giants fan, I wouldn’t want it any other way — the best two teams in baseball facing off in the NLDS… Can’t wait, gonna be epic!!

Author — H Nigma


I love how Roberts actually made the right decision when it came to taking out Scherzer even though he didn’t wanna get off the mound he understood that Roberts was making a smart move. Good Job

Author — My Pfp Is What I Think About The Haters


This has to be my favorite game I have been to. The energy in the crowd was crazy throughout the whole game (we never even had a chance to get the wave going). A girl behind me was bawling her damn eyes out like it was the World Series or something. But this was a great game and I can’t wait to see them play the Giants.

Author — reneeshaann


This game was so intense! You never knew what was going to happen! The beauty of October Baseball! Let’s go Dodgers!

Author — Keira Films


I’m sad the Cards lost, but they played so well! Proud of them

Author — officialdakstudios


The Dodgers finally knocked the Cardinals out of the postseason instead of it being the other way around. I was waiting for history to change.

Author — Pingas Studios


Not a Dodgers fan but what an ending and Chris Taylor scoring a 2 run Homer

Author — Purple &brown