Philippines volcano - Dramatic footage of Taal eruption

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Philippines volcano - Dramatic footage of Taal eruption 5
A KILLER volcano which has claimed the lives of thousands erupted in the Philippines today triggering spectacular lightning storms and terrifying tsunami fears.

The Taal Volcano - a tourist hotspot - is one of just 16 on the planet designated so dangerous by scientists they have to be monitored around the clock.

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To anyone watching from the Philippines I hope you’re safe! This looks terrible and I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, you’re all so strong!❤️

Author — Kirsten Clarke


Never heard of lightening coming out of volcanos before surreal.

Author — Jerry Jones


I'm here in taal Batangas and there's like an earthquake every 5 minutes and it's also Raining ashes, it's basically a living nightmare.

Author — erby 27


I only see these kind of effects on movies.. but can't believe its true or live... right here in PH

Author — Bueno Zapanta


It is like this volcano joined Emperor Palpatine's cause 😨 may this destroyer be quiet for good 😢

Author — Sean Sarmiento


The volcano has not even erupted fully yet - its potentially going to explode within days. That's going to be disastrous.

Author — Born Noob


The entire lake around center is a caldera? Now that's frightening.

Author — Sppecials


a volcano within a volcano.... that huge lake itself is a larger volcano.

Author — papajones007


Hang on my Asian brothers and sisters. Love from manipur

Author — Breaking The Stereotypes


we are 13 days into the year, and I'm pretty sure it's playing out like an apocalypse movie

Author — Aaron Barrett


Looks like a scene from godzilla, so terrifying

Author — Gusta


When Taal mesmerize us on a tragic way--
Filipinos dont deserve to met this wrath..
Tahan na Taal, bumalik ka na sa pagkahimlay.

Author — Mhelvin Andir


The beginning of this clip was spectacular. It seemed so anger and mean. Mother Nature is amazing.

Author — Conflict Resolution


More carbon being thrown in the air than every motor vehicle past and present combined for a 1000 years right there.

Author — chezzylee


It’s beautiful but terrifying at the same time. I hope everyone stays safe.

Author — Marina Dee


2020 need to relax, it's only been 13 days and so much has happened already.

Author — Neon Triste


That looks amazing, just a shame the aftermath ruins lives

Author — Ian Worthington


Yooo that looks like something you would see In a freaking movie

Author — Joshgoshgaming


2020 is going to be another record breaking year of natural events.

Author — Dan 2016


Almost every epic catastrophes has years of 20 in it. I see geological pattern here.

Author — Kath Gouchioue