HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle

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HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle 5

How much does is cost to live in Bali? Well, Whether you're a digital nomad working from your computer in Canggu or someone looking for an escape, I tracked my expenses in Bali Indonesia for 30 days to show you what it's like to live in Bali and how much you should expect to pay.

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20 cents for a coffee. this guys watches graham stephan for sure

Author — justingt3rs


I lived on Bali for over 6 months and have a girlfriend from Indonesia. Some info about bali, it's basically split up in a few parts. Kuta in the middle is the main area for tourists, very loud, mainly party and lots of people everywhere. I wouldn't go there much.

Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, is the south area. Uluwatu is mainly for Surfers, Partying and probably the most turquoise ass beaches on bali. Try Greenbowl beach. Then we have canggu, more in the west, which is weird if you first go there, more white people then actual indo's. It's very overcrowded nowadays, but has really good food and some beginner surfing.

After that we have Sanur, which is the east. It has mainly high rise hotels, with pools and all that fancy stuff. If you only want to chill on the beach, that's probably the best spot.

Then there is Ubud. You could write so much about it, it's a place full of hippies and the best eatery spots on bali. If you are looking for more of a spiritual experience, that's the best place to go!

The north get's currently developed and has soon an airport. Currently mainly people for snorkeling and diving go there. Otherwise there is not much more, besides quite cheap luxury villas for example on airbnb directly on the beach, which you can't find at the other spots. Also it's worth to do a boat trip (30m with speed boat 15$ around) over to nusa lembongan and nusa penida.

And remember to always bargain wherever you can ;)

Author — Marius Sm1th





meanwhile, the minimum wage in Bali for local is $163.45 / month

Author — Muhammad Nurbasit


"Don't drink coffee out millennials"

Drinks at least 5 times out in cafe's in 1 video

Author — Alex Valeev


The only place where i was a millionaire for 3 days 😎🤣

Author — abdessamad Dani


When the video started I was like, who is that white blond girl? That doesn’t look like Kathy.

Author — Johnny Maldonado Paredes


OMG 5:29 onwards for about 20 sec is lovely. I wish I have something like that in one of my travel vlogs. You are really a master. Is your butt still sore? Kidding.

Author — Olay'sFambam


dang so i need 200k invested in a 6% dividend stock to retire there. That gives me hope.

Author — Krutand


You make me want to go back to Indonesia so bad! I wanna live there 😭

Author — Riley Dunbar


Who dafuq is Carlos tho? Thanks for the vid Chris

Author — Ionut Alexandroaia


*That opening sequence was so crisp and smooth at the same time*

Author — Sven Vee


I thought you changed girlfriend AGAIN haha lmao

Author — iWONDER


Whew! That wasn't you with the blond! I was about to freak out! My stomach hurt! I love Katy! 😂😅🤣

Author — Kim Adams


That Villa was 🔥 Dope video, all the details someone would need to know. Where else in Southeast Asia would you try the dig nomad lifestyle?

Author — Kels Acosta


Hi! I’m a local balinese teen (16, i’m not that young lol) and I want to share to you guys my favorite places in Bali for teens (you can definitely make your friends jealous back home!)

If you’re into the hippie scenery, go to Ubud! Ubud is definitely much like Kuta/Seminyak, but wayy more traditional and cool. My personal favorite thing to do is just to rent a bike there and just gaze at the calming rice paddies.

If you’re into partying, go to Kuta/Seminyak! Idk whether this is a good thing or not, but if you’re a tourist, they don’t check your id at all. Also, definitely surf in Kuta! It’s very cool there.

If you’re into beautiful sceneries, go to Nusa Penida or Canggu or Mount Batur!

But, bali is not bali without it’s traditional sparks. Go to Tanah Lot temple and watch the traditional kecak dance. You can also go to Singapadu to watch traditional barong dance. And if you’re very lucky, go to Bali during Galungan/Kuningan, those are the best moments to be in Bali! Also, if you want to, visit around March, when there’s this huge ceremonial in every area in Bali called Nyepi (people turn off their lights for a day and fast. The day before Nyepi, we paraded Ogoh-Ogoh around the city. Ogoh ogoh is a demon-like manifestation of our fears)

Hope you enjoy your trip! :)

Author — burning burgundy


Your the man inspired me thank you so much , i just started a channel which mainly concentrate on travelling in our native place #MalluDetailed i think channel will grow thank you so much

Author — SAUZ Sa


Always like being on honey moon trips 🥰🍀

Author — Soratui


I just love it when you post about bali ❤️

Author — Dalia Ismail


Cool cinematics perfect for the beautiful scenery of Bali

Author — Paul Rivera