How to Access your Router from Outside Network

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How to Access your Router from Outside Network 4.5

In today’s video, I have shown you how to access your home router from another network.

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How can an average user find it useful
How does it work
Part 1: Enabling your router's remote management
Part 2:: Apply Dynamic DNS to your router

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Dynamic DNS service from NoIP


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Install a camera for security and to keep eyes on peoples at your home and you can access camera live on your mobile or laptop remotely too.

Author — Naveen Malik


i tried it but ther is no option for remote management

Author — Sushil Takke


I keep my router locked up with my Skil saw to insure the kids safety.

Author — william fitzpatrick


how to see which sites are open from my router, opend by all connected devices

Author — Raj doshi


You, Sir, are really brillant! Thank you for the educational lecture. Knowledge is Power. This helps me connects my router from public in general.

Author — Kermit in Mountain


Can we access also our printer remotely through the same way mentioned in this video? Thanks.

Author — Mustafa YILMAZ


I was searching for this since long time. Thanks TW.❤️

Author — Lalit Khillare


thank you, but when i open my router page and enter my router username and password, it gives password error although it is correct, and how can i fix this?

Author — Ali Elsheikh


Can u please make a video about how i connect to plex server outside my network. I mean to say is how to set up a remote plex server.Thank you.Please this video is much needed

Author — Naeem Evans


your video inspired me to finish my web server setting, thk !

Author — yy slc


i didnt get remote access setting anywhere in binatone router.

Author — Anuj Gakhar


Great !! thanks for the knowledge ! And be encourage !



Thank you for the information, this is very useful!

Author — Team TinyTurtle


Free Hostnames expire every 30 days. Where can I config Hostnames that never expire

Author — Fathin Istyuk Isty


Great video! very helpful. May I ask, is it the same if I want to access a wifi extender? I have an equipment connected via LAN on it (it's a solar charger) which I want to access when I am away.

Author — noel fernando


Hi. Very good video. Very informative.
I do have a question: A Tp Link router can store the browser history? I ask because I have a very strict boss.
Thank you

Author — Blue Line


my router is nt taking password when i take remote access. pls help?

Author — KK Lab'


Yes hello my brother, I need your help with accessing my external ip but my modem is not helping, where can I contact u???

Author — OFFICIAL Ak47Buda


With Dhcp from Provider and changing IP, how do you manage?
Will the Ip stay the same until router is not switched off?

Author — Ronja Ronin


How would I be able to connect two routers from different countries so I can show myself on a different country.

Author — Cruendy Suberví