Kashmir: Article 370 हटने के 1 महीने बाद क्या वाकई सामान्य हैं हालात? | Quint Hindi

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Kashmir: Article 370 हटने के 1 महीने बाद क्या वाकई सामान्य हैं हालात? | Quint Hindi 3.5
मोदी सरकार ने कश्मरी से आर्टिकल 370, 5 अगस्त 2019 को हटा लिया, इस बात को अब एक महिना हो चूका है, लेकिन जम्मू-कश्मीर में अभी तक कर्फ्यू लगा हुआ है, कम्युनिकेशन ठप है, मीडिया को रोका गया है.

घाटी में स्थिति सामान्य कब होगी, इस बात का पता लगाने क्विंट ने कई कश्मीरियों से बात की जिनका कहना है कि वो अब भी परेशान हैं

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Kashmiri ka mutlab bas Muslim nahi hota Madam vaha Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist bhi he ok

Author — Sima Kumari


Do you have only this five joker's to advocate about Kashmir conditions . Propaganda only .

Author — Rajesh Singh


If the Kashmir is made up of these three people show in the video then why so much of you and cry. No one talks about Kashmiri Pandits.

Author — Karni Singh


Why only three people talking, they must be a part of separatist

Author — DesBhakt


Kabhi kashmiri Hidu logo ka interview dikhawo

Author — V Satralkar


1. 1947, Pakistan sent the tribals to wage war and tonoccuoy Kashmir when it was under the Raja(king).

2. 1965, Pakistan started the war

3. 1971, over 10 million Pakistani Bengalis sought refuge in India, to save them selves from the atrocities of Pak army controlled by the then Punjab dominant govt, which after losing a democratically held election chose not to concede prime minister ship to the Bengali leader who won hands down. India had to respond to protect its borders. 3 million bengalis were killed by Pak army in the conflict sown by Pakistani greed. 93K pak soldiers, POW troops were freed by India

4. 1989, Pakistan started funding and training militants and started the covert operations to wage war, because it knew it can not defeat India in a straight war. half a million Hindus were massacred by Muslim extremists and Hindus were permanently displaced of their homeland and their identities shattered. one of the biggest human rights tragedy of it's time and a genocide of a tall order.

5. 1999, Gen Musharraf raged the Kargil war. India fought and did not cross the LOC.

6. Pakistan lost all the wars

7. Pulwama, JEM proudly claimed responsibility and India for the first time breached the LOC.

so in all fairness, sometimes it's not enough to think of remaining unbiased. Call the spade a spade if you want to remain credible.

in Summary, India was never the aggressor.

Author — Rahul Bhati


None is killed. These people have forgotten the Pandit genocide in Kashmir.

Author — Kanaiya Varde


Don't worry Wait for Election in j&k UT. Show your anger as vote not stone.

Author — Deepak Dagar


Marchod bhartiy sena k baare m itna galt kyu bta rhe ho....

Mai v hu ITBP m lekin hum to ayse nhi hote

Author — Hummu Dhruw


Pocket no cash but wife stomach full of new rats to be delivered

Author — Siddarth S


I don't like bjp but the way of governing in india



Quint is not Indian channel. Five people can't decide condition of Kashmir

Author — shrikant kankale


Koi apni awaz nai hai, we are one country, m not BJP FAN but I support 370, there is no revolution without blood see French revolution, Soviet revolution. Army is posted these restrictions are important r else there will b blood shed

Author — Rucha Shinde


Pehle ye batao chainel Vale Quint Ka Matlab Kya he....hame Hindustan walo ko chutya mat samajna



They are indian goons ....they don't have feelings

Author — Extreme Beast


The quint should ask what do kashmiri want?
Agr vo Kehte hai ki hum hangama nhi development chahiye to koi situation normal ho jayegi warna Aisha hi rahoge.

Author — Himanshu Chaube


Kashmir issue is not only about kashmir velly plz show us about jammu ladaka region also 😈

Author — Gayatri Bhute


5 people representing whole Kashmir 😂.. Khair The Quint se aur expect bhi kya kiya ja skta hai..

Author — CybeRRider


Ye log bol hi kya rahe hai, bas itana hi ki yahan k logon ko confidence Lena chahiye tha.... Nothing wrong in it....
Humans are forgetting

Author — neeta pawar


जब भारत आजाद हुआ था तब भी हालात सामान्य नही थे. कश्मिर भी अभी अभी आजाद हुआ है थोडा समय तो लगेगा. लेकीन अब कश्मिरीयो ने ज्यादा सोचने की कोई जरुरत नही है. वो अब उतने ही भारतीय बन चुके है जितने की भारत के 29 राज्यो के भारतीय नागरिक..

Author — Sohail Shaikh