Top 100 Runs in NFL History!

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Top 100 Runs in NFL History! 4.5
Check out the top 100 runs in NFL history!

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💬 Comments on the video

Only 5 runs by Barry on this list

guess they had to be fair.

Author — Ryan Nurmi


I'm surprised that nothing from Eric Dickerson made this list.

Author — Bishopman 2


Lamar Jacksons most recent runs would make this list.

Author — Tony fast


I'm so happy to see Alstott on here one of the most underrated backs ever

Author — Josh Smith


you mean to tell me eric Dickerson wasn't in that smh

Author — kelly scott


Barry Sanders could be on here 20 times honestly.

Author — abdikadir hashi


“Get off me he says to Tracy porter” greatest commentary line ever😂

Author — lamb boy


Barry Sanders spent his whole career posterizing defenders and ending their careers.

Author — Karl Harris


People forget about the great Gale Sayers and Willie Galimore of the Chicago Bears

Author — Lonnie Jones


I absolutely love seeing receivers and linemen still blocking 30, 40 and 50 yards downfield.

Author — Reed R


6 runs by Walter "Sweetness" Payton.
5 runs by Barry "Little Man" Sanders.
Now that I think about it, they ARE the two best backs of all time.

Author — Ernest B


What made OJ incredible was he did this with a lousy team. All on his own

Author — louturks23


I love seeing how professional broadcasters are just beside themselves trying to call Walter Payton's runs.

Author — Picogram


Bo running over the Boz should be in here for historical value alone.

Author — MrBreese13


My take-away from this video: I miss Madden in the announcer box.

Author — quasidiem99


Bo and Barry could’ve made up this entire video by themselves

Author — Rohan Patel


When I heard "holy catfish" I thought would be the only time I would ever hear it. I was wrong.

Author — Pievel C


Yet I thought Barry would be in most of these

Author — OfficialMeme


Legends have it that Bo Jackson is still running 😂

Author — Solomon Holland


Might need to make a new version after what Jackson is starting up with the Ravens

Author — Johnnie Angel