Top 100 Runs in NFL History!

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Top 100 Runs in NFL History! 4.5

Check out the top 100 runs in NFL history!

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Only 5 runs by Barry on this list

guess they had to be fair.

Author — Ryan Nurmi


Throughout highlights: 😊 When your team is playing defense: 😡

Author — Tom B


You can see why I think Barry Sanders was the best running back of all time.

Author — Ben H


Bo Jackson: the only player to have two 90 plus yard rushes in their career...oh, and an 88 yard run to boot.

Author — reignman2112


Steve Young was a cheat code in real life. How can a player be as good a passer as Steve when he can run like that?

Author — Aanhek Kumar Ray


You look at this and see all the marshawn lynch runs and say to yourself “Why didn’t the Seahawks run the ball”

Author — Nick Koorsen


Missed Terrell Davis super bowl spin move

All good.

Author — mtrujillo1973


That run Emmitt had against the Falcons just amazes me, best balance I’ve ever seen from a rb.

Author — DC 4life


"Earl Campbell is strong!
And he will put his shoulders
into your chest!!"
- Richard Pryor 24:39

Author — PaulGreen11


This list could have easily be filled with
Vikings: Adrian Peterson
Rams: Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk
Bears: Walter Payton
Lions: Barry Sanders
Bills: LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, OJ Simpson
Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch

Author — Heavy Metal Rules


Barry Sanders could be on here 20 times honestly.

Author — daft tassia


Um, where's more Gale Sayers and Jim Brown runs? Bogus list.

Author — zyxwut321


Walter Payton and Barry Sanders should have dominated this list

Author — ADG Gaming


I still can't believe THURMAN THOMAS and BARRY SANDERS were In the back field at Oklahoma State University at the same time and never won a national championship.

Author — Boomer Kilpain


“THROWS OFF BODIES LIKE CLOTHES AFTER A MARATHON” that’s the greatest call I’ve ever heard

Author — T U


“Get off me he says to Tracy porter” greatest commentary line ever😂

Author — lamb boy


My favorite of all time was on here A LOT! I miss you Walter!

Author — Mikey B


Would of liked to see when Bo Jackson ran over Bosworth at the goal line on Monday Night Football

Author — Racer X


Also the derrick Henry 99 yds run ahould have been higher.

Author — Steven Jones


27:29 Legend has it #75 is still looking for Barry Sanders.

Author — Bob Sacamano