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Match Art to Artist | Lineup | Cut 5

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

Match Art to Artist | Lineup | Cut

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💬 Comments on the video

This video was fun but I really dislike that they ask the question "which one do you think a kid could make?" because the only result from that was someone was going to be insulted, also that man's jackets where awesome and hes doing great

Author — Little Ruby Rue


Kinda shitty of them to do this without providing links or even names of the artists so we could support them

Author — Ms Stainbrook


The girl from Honduras art was so overlooked. I feel she was honestly disrespected. That’s the reality a lot of Hispanic immigrants face and people are just really blind to the beauty of the respect that was in that painting. The leaf painting was also super unique and beautiful and was grazed over. All the art work was beautiful

Author — Lexi Caprise


I feel like some of them weren’t very respectful

Author — Bleach co.


"I like girls.. and there are 2 girls.."
Someone in the background:
"Jesus Christ..."

Author — S o f t i e


I’m sorry but was I the only one who felt awkward watching this

Author — 파니


The boy who made these clothes cried because this women said that a child could make it☹️ that's so sad because he's really good😢

Author — Belle Delphine


i hate that the producers asked her “what piece could a kid make” that’s just setting her up for failure. it’s also rude to say “you were on drugs when you made this”

Author — marissa


I found the leaf and the cleaning one the most meaningful, interesting, and thought-through.

Author — Huugo Sörsselssön


i cant be the only one who thinks the people that are guessing are extremely rude

Author — lily yazdi


The guy who made the jacket(sorry don’t know his name) is amazing and when he got his feelings hurt my heart broke💔

Author — Lil Stomp


I get that they’re not into art and stuff but they’re being kinda rude. ”would you buy this? no, it’s creepy.” I, personally, get offended when someone calls my stuff “weird.” maybe it’s a personal thing but that’s just me.

Author — killjoy cad


“It’s definitely a statement piece...”
“What’s the statement?”
“....check out my necklace!”
That had me rolling

Author — Melissa Nugent


“somebody who .. has had a bad trip before . they got invited to somebody’s grandma’s .. cabin, and they had too much and they had to lay in a bunk bed crying for .. a number of hours ..”

“are we talking about you right no-“

“yes .”

Author — smelliebillie


So insulting how they talk about these thing..

Author — Jesus


I would’ve loved to be guessing which artpiece belonged to which artist. I’d be standing there appreciating each artpiece and praising the person who made it even if I got all of them mixed up, cuz they deserve to be praised for something that they made.

Author — Mushroom Kid


My heart goes out to the clothes designer even I felt insulted because I found his work the most impressive

Author — Theycallmemay.x


The leaf one didn't get appreciated enough, that is so cool

Author — Yeeter21


That chlorophyll print was incredible, props to her for being original.

Author — Hydroa


The Asian guy : “ I like girls and this are two girls “
Someone in the back : “Jesus “ 5:42

Author — R K