This is James Harden's last chance to win a title - Stephen A. | First Take

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This is James Harden's last chance to win a title - Stephen A. | First Take 5

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Michael Wilbon play "Book It or Forget It" ahead of the start to the NBA season, including whether LeBron James is still the best player in the league and James Harden's chances to win a title with the Houston Rockets.
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"He was going through some tings" - Jamaican Stephen A Smith

Author — Alex Inkredible Scott


**clicks video about James harden*
One second in: LABRON JAMES

Author — Joseph B


He’ll win a title... when he’s 37 as a 6th man on some super team

Author — Patrick Bronske


Lol harden has had so many “last chances” it’s ridiculous

Author — SS


Harden's best chance to win the championship was a season ago when Rockets were 3-2 up on Warriors and last season when KD got hurt in the series. Rockets are still a strong contender though.

Author — ESSJ333


Why do they cut the video off at such a random time while he’s talking

Author — Andrew W


5:46 "He was going through some TINGS" -Stephen A. Smith 🔥🔥🔥



SAS, October 2019: «last chance to win a title!» SAS, October 2020: «last chance to win a title!» SAS October 2021: «last chance to win a title!» SAS October 2022: «last chance to win a title!» SAS October 2023: «last chance to win a title!» SAS October 2024: «last chance to win a title!» SAS October 2025: «last chance to win a title!»

Author — Ronny Gordon


Lol James harden already had his chances to win a title and blew both of them in the playoffs against the warriors.

Author — Tiger Hoods


Stephen A “As far as I’m concerned” Smith

Author — Elijah Blyden


He’s NEVER going to win a ring. Come back to this comment and roast me if he does. Doubt it!

Author — A L


Achievement wise STEPHEN CURRY is best player of LAST Decade

Author — Salman S


I hope Steph goes bonkers offensively, that might be one of the things I’ll be on the lookout for this season

Author — Dollarize


Imagine if Molly wasn’t leading this segment

Author — xXcamp heroXx


you didn't even put Russell Westbrook in top 3 or 4 that's disrespectful my boy russ just past magic Johnson in most triple doubles 2nd most in NBA history common have some respect

Author — jhan duran


“ I’m just saying that cause KD hurt” remember 🤞🏽

Author — Mj


Feel sorry for Harden Bc so many players are expected to win a title that someone will be looked down upon if they don’t. In this era they don’t believe in trying again with the same teams & competitive nature...if you don’t win, new team, new players 💯🤷🏾‍♂️

Author — Cormel


Harden will never win a ring, period.

Author — xxxxxJAYMILLZxxxxxxx


Ima laugh when the warriors still end up going to the finals i dont see harden beating Steph especially if klay does end up coming back

Remember this comment when curry wins mvp and the warriors win the whole thing and they go back to calling curry the goat

Author — MrGreen FC


Book it or Forget it :
Molly gets fired before the Finals

Author — El Gato