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World records can often bring out the best and the weirdest in people, consider for instance Sonya Thomas who successfully slurped down 564 oysters in under 8 minutes...seriously ...that’s over 70 per minute! In recent years however The Guinness Book of World Records has stopped recognizing records that rely on gluttony, or people pushing themselves to extremes that could negatively affect their health. But most people would agree that the body we are born into is something that we have very little control over and today we are taking a moment to appreciate those among us with record breaking body parts, this is the 10 longest body parts in the world...let’s get started…

10. Radhakant Baijpai
An Indian Grocer named Radhakant Baijpai is the owner of a rather bizarre world record, in 2003 Guinness World Records flew to Uttar Pradesh in Northern India to authenticate him as the owner of the worlds longest ear hair. While most people have to begin grooming their ear hairs after a certain age, Baijpai has chosen to let his grow free, and when officials took their measurements in 2003, it had achieved a length of 13.2 centimeters. But even after getting the official record Baijpaicontinued to grow it out, he admits that at times his wife has urged him to cut it, but she says she is understanding of the fact that his earlocks are a source of pride for him. Baijpai continued taking very good care of the hair and in 2009 he had Guinness re-evaluate his record and they realized that the hair had grown to an astounding 25 centimeters in length.
(his son, 25)

9. Mehmet Özyürek
Mehmet Özyürek of Turkey holds the distinction of having the world’s longest nose, his record was first authenticated on March 18, 2010 and to this day no one has stepped up to take his place. So just how big is the world’s biggest schnoz? When it was last measured in 2010 it had reached a length of 8.8 centimeters or 3.55 inches. Unlike some of the other entries on today’s list, this record wasn’t personally measured by Guinness, instead, Özyürek traveled to Rome, Italy to appear on Lei Show Dei Record, or the record show, on March 18, 2010.

8. Maci Currin
Yekaterina Lisina, is a former basketball player and model from Penza Oblast, Russia, but she is renowned, not her athletic prowess, but for her unique physical attributes, Lisina not only biggest feet of any woman in Russia but she also had the longest legs in the world ...that was until September of 2019 when a 16 year old girl came along to snag her title. Maci Currin of Austin Texas is a young girl who, by the age of 18 months was already 2 feet 11 inches tall, and by the time she was 9 she was 5 feet 7 inches tall and it was apparent to everyone that she was going to be quite alot taller than her peers. Her extreme growth continued and by the age of 16 she had reached a height of 6 feet 9 inches tall, however the tallest woman in the world was Sandy Allen, who stood at a height of 7 feet 7 inches, and even though she was growing rapidly she was a far cry from 7’ 7” however, as it turned out her specific proportions meant that even though she wasn’t the tallest woman in the world, she actually had the longest legs. Currin’s legs were a shocking 53 inches, that’s 1.3 meters or almost 4 and a half feet! Currin’s height has presented some challenges for her, in her own words she says, quote: “When I stopped growing in ninth grade, I was really relieved. Because when I was younger, I'd get those growing pains in my legs that were so terrible.” she also expressed trouble with hitting her head on doors, getting into cars, and trying to find clothes that fit. Despite the challenges associated with her height Currin hopes to make the best of it, and has her eyes set on a career in modeling.
As for Yekaterina Lisina, she might not have the longest legs anymore but she is still the proud owner of the largest female feet in Russia.

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