Why the world is worried about Turkey

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Why the world is worried about Turkey 3.5
How Turkey's president gained so much power.

-- Erdogan as important to Turkey as Ataturk, and trying to shape it in his own image as significantly as Ataturk did decades ago.
-- They’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs: Ataturk was a militant secularist, Erdogan a committed Islamist
-- Erdogan’s rise shows arc of Turkish history, from democracy to an ever more theocratic authoritarian state
-- This all matters because a more religious version of Vladimir Putin is now at the helm of the biggest, richest and most militarily powerful US ally in the region.

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Make a video about why the world is worried about America. You'll probably have 2 hours of content

Author — ExplodingBumfluff


Make video on shameful act of USA on Afghanistan, Iraq and many more.

Author — Aedin Ridmash


can make video:
1. why usa is the headache of the world.
2. why usa thinks of itself as police of the world.
3. why usa should gift freedom to americans
4. why usa should stay out of other countries
5. why usa should educate its citizen
6. why usa trying to be modern world imperial

Author — Paul Richard


The world isn't, only Israel & U.S.A.

Author — Raven Lynx


The world is worried about Israel and USA



America really thinks theyre the center of this world.

Author — munapieru22


West is worried about turkey? Turkey must have found oil fields.

Author — inambe


I'm not worried about turkey. I'm just worried about USA. The only terrorists in this world.

Author — Alex Crist


Make video on how many bombs USA used in killing people

Author — Altaf Shaikh


Don't worry about us, worry about yourselves.

Author — x o


Why don’t you try make one of all the dodgy things the USA has done?

Author — Ziyaad Dhorat


Title is wrong. The correct title is "Why the US is worried about Turkey?"

Author — Kore D'Agosto


I ❤ Turkey from Los Angeles California

Author — Salvador Guillen


Allah plz help Turkey brothers, love from Pakistan 🇵🇰💖🇹🇷

Author — awais khalid


Such shallow analysis! Also forgot (!) to mention who actually were behind all those military coups in Turkey.

Author — Sehnaz Ulucan


please note: the president of Turkey is Muslim Sunni Fanatics support ISIS and Sunni rebels fighters in Syria and now sending these sunni rebels to Libya!!

Author — ben souri


Turkey country very much to help countries that refugees

Author — çalişgan jojuk


Actually Turkey has role in the world affairs more than ever. And thats what make France and US uncomfortable.

Author — TurkeyBall


4:27 small peacuful demonstration?? That is not how I remember. It was a devastating riot that costed hundred of millions dollars to Turkish economy.

Author — muhac80


Who’s here after the “incursion” into Syria?

Author — Hi, I exist.