Oldboy Official Theatrical Trailer #1 (2013) - Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen Movie HD

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Oldboy Official Theatrical Trailer #1 (2013) - Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen Movie HD 4.5
Oldboy Official Theatrical Trailer #1 (2013) - Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen Movie HD

An advertising executive is kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his punishment, only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment.

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oldboy 2003 is the real one and way better than this US shit.

Автор — PowerPlay


so Thanos is kept in a room for 20 years while Nick Fury watchs him and when he get's out he tries to find his daughter wh turns out to be Scarlet Witch

Автор — Jonathan Himmelfarb


Now I know why he finds all Infinity Stones.. mm...

Автор — meulful woo


*My Suggestion*
Before watching this movie, watch the Original Korean one first.
If you won't,
Never forget that someone tried to stop you but you didn't listen.

Автор — Александр Against 'VS' video & Liar


I just wanna say, damn Elizabeth Olsen is hot as hell!

Автор — Marsh Marlou


So they took out the I banged my daughter part of the story yeah? That's what made the original so crazy epic

Автор — Quentin Duffey


The 2003 original is one of the best made made films ever and one of my favorites. This one was appalling. The story is sooo weird compared to the korean film and the twists in this are just dumb. The korean film is a masterpiece, its a real shame this was made for americans who would never watch a foreign film and now cannot enjoy the original.

Автор — Ethan Coburn


Lol, an American remake of a Korean film adaptation of a Japanese manga.

Автор — Larson Davidson


One question: Why remake a masterpiece? Even if this movie turns out to be awesome, it's still an american copy of the original. It doesn't make sense to me...

Автор — Tiago Gomes


Why does Hollywood have to ruin everything?

Автор — Mags Carreon


I've seen the original one and it really is twisted I died when the truth came out

Автор — Lusie Tyler


i wanna see what the corridor fight scene is like. wanna give this film a chance, i just dont see the point and how it could be better. can only hope right?

Автор — Jason Brown


Elizabeth Olsen sex scene is the only great part of this movie.

Автор — Pirate Productions


Whenever the U.S. receive a cult work, he massacre. Whenever affect U.S. foreign cinema movie it rots the movie! Example: Morse (Let me in) Tzameti (13) ... As a foreigner works well filmed, Hollywood buys the rights to ride the wave of success. It's only commercial risk massacred original works!

Автор — Rayam3.0 Jeebar


Looks like Thanos and Scarlet Witch have met before Infinity War

Автор — Luke Christian


The movie was as expected.  Now lazy Americans can watch a watered down version without having to read. 

Автор — Ash Amdahl


i will never watch this i saw the original and i loved it so much i don't think i'll watch it again it just won't be the same,  the mystery won't be the same, the sick twist won't be the same. i know how it sounds but i loved it that much.

Автор — Gravy


Hello I’m american, I’m gonna remake a good foreign classic and remove all the important parts and count my money

Автор — Sweet J J


So, ugh, yeah Spike Lee will ruin this franchise 

Автор — domw777


I now ship Thanos and Scarlet Witch, thank you.

Автор — Holly Hummingbird