Bubble Gum Blowing Battle

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Bubble Gum Blowing Battle 4

New chewing gum challenge! What could be more fun! We have prepared some cool tasks for you, thanks to which you will love chewing gum even more.

Supplies and tools:
• Bubble gums
• Wasabi
• Citric acid
• Food coloring
• Food markers
• Scissors
• Modeling tool
• Corn syrup
• Balloon
• Rubbing alcohol
• Acrylic paint

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Author — Troom Troom


Who realized that her “big bubble” was a balloon 🎈.

Edit:ty for the likes and comments

Author — Kindall Ingleby


When you can see that that is a balloon 🤔

Author — muffin


If I do the notice that one background looks like an among us wallpaper

Author — BxlliePlaysRoblox get noobed


Only legends will realise that there is hair on the persons tongue in the thumbnail

Author — itz_ebun _a


When she was floting high she was going on a ladder

Author — Rachel Mayer


Because some of the “bubbles” are Totally NOT a balloon.

Author — Vivi Game


R.I.P boy xD when the girls do like a hi 5 the boy always get left out xD

Author — Jason eggs


Why was she dancing when she knew that no songs were playing xd.

Author — Kobi-Lee Hunia


The first one is a balloon and the rainbow

Author — Alaysia Eugene


at start he is walking its a lie and at start its a ballon! liers!

Author — Kamile ivanova


Me watching- wait so this isn’t normal?

Author — TitanTeddy


10:22 was halrious i fell of the roof🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Rainbøw {bøba}


Narrator : Alex even managed to shave without popping the bubble

Me : Did he manage to brush whithout popping the bubble

Author — Nidhi Gupta


She make that bubble gum and his arm had alot of tattoos

Author — Ryan Reynoso


Hey look before you throw. Same guy: I did it without looking.

Author — MunchMunch


Alex had a balloon in his mouth in keeping a blown bubble gum for a day

Author — Satyaki Sarkar


While you were blowing bubbles i am two hahaha

Author — Arielle Tuason


Gum girl: *gives chewed bubble gum* ME:

Author — Robloxfamily


That "bubble" that "made her fly" was actually a balloon.

Author — Bruce Mendonca