How to Do an Americana from Mount | MMA Submissions

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All right, guys. Now we're going to do Americana from mount. Again I've established a strong position. All right. Okay, guys. Now I'm going to break it down. You want to lock down and push his arm down with your body weight, not with your strength. Your arm should not be bent like this. Push, push.

See, it doesn't work. I lock my arms, pick myself up, and drop my body weight. Okay. That's one way to do it. Another way is I put all my pressure with my elbow like this. It's [?], and I roll him down. And I roll him down. Okay. So again. I establish my grip, and again we do that accordion, motorcycle, down. However, when I go down, I can hit my own body. So one adjustment is to slightly shift to the side, accordion, motorcycle, down. And my shift, I have a nice base here so I don't get rolled over. Okay. One more time. Americana from mount.

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I really like the Americana from mount. It's a good, quick attack, especially if you set it up with punches and I feel you can really get a good bite on his shoulder joint because of the angle that you're coming down from. It also opens him up for an armbar on the other arm if he defends the shoulder lock. Some people say it's risky, because he can roll you over when you have both arms occupied, but that risk is just something you need to be aware of.

Author — varškėsapkepas


I missed class last night and this was able to answer the question I had. Thank you for the video

Author — Andrew Grulke


cool thus worked in a street fight and won me the fight when I was loosing

Author — Rojas2394


0:23 his voice cracked and he just stopped talking

Author — Stone Logsdon


Wait a minute it’s the guy from scenic fights ahah

Author — RJTheCerealGuy


I've done the same thing in a fight it's on my channel have a look

Author — 1 VS 1 FF


Great tutorial, but the music is distracting.  Would be great without the music in the background.

Author — Rick Neff - Metal


Good demonstration eventhough the guy on the buttom seems to be competly immobile or lazy. ^^

Author — Vascos Yoga und Kampfkunst