Home Station For New Players In Elite Dangerous

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Surgested systems:

LHS 3615 - Wrangell Port
Diaguandri - Ray Gateway
HIP 101587 - Hynek Terminal
Shinrarta Dezhra - Jameson Memorial


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💬 Comments

Speaking of home systems, I wish that the station would recognize me as a person that lives there and not treat me like I'm just visiting every time I come home.

Author — @pktrsho6055


I have ~2000 hours in game but I'm still looking forward to all the videos like this that are gonna be coming out to help the new Epic players. You're never too experienced to learn more stuff about this game. Great video as always Astro!

Author — @wickedcoolsteve


For me the best starter home system, hands down, was Meredith City in LFT 926 (Dark Wheel main faction). It is like a mini Jameson Memorial. Tons of the best modules. 1 jump from Shinrarta itself. 1 jump from Viktorenko Holdings in CD-33 8748 which has Interstellar Factors (really cool looking station). 1-2 jumps from Anyanwu with Compromised NAV beacon. Has a Mat trader, a Tech broker. The list goes on and on. Give it a shot. It was my solid home for a long time before getting access to Jameson. o7

Author — @petezzzz


As a Founder KS pledger, I had access to Jameson Memorial from day one, so I've used that as my shipyard and player base of choice as it has all the equipment. What I intend though is a station base for all my "hero" ships, ie those that are fully equipped and need no further engineering for their specific purpose. For that reason my choice of station is purely from the heart, and it's Ravescene Memorial (my named station from the KS campaign) in Futhark. If I ever get a carrier for all my hero ships, it may well be stationed there.

Author — @ZuluRomeo


For new players, the best station is in Okinura: Bennett Gateway. It has every ship in the game except for the special Imperial or Alliance ships. It also has a lot of outfitting options. Also, it has one of the most beautiful station interiors in the galaxy. I've been living there since I started playing the game. Until a player gets to elite rank (at which point they can move to Jameson Memorial), Bennett Gateway is the place to be.

Author — @Beery1962


I always love these videos. Just seeing unique places other than Memorial makes me want to actually root in somewhere else. For mats/combat grinding there are objectivity better places to go, but still, there are a lot of people that make JM great for social aspects/messing around while docked.

Author — @CC-xh1ok


I chose Feynman Terminal in Bhritzameno, just a few days into the game and I'm already allied to the controlling faction. Really nice early-mid level station if you don't mind the 1300 Ls supercruise distance!

Author — @thefinnishphoenix7412


Another good home station would be Ohm City in LHS 20. It's my personal home station. It's pretty centralized in the bubble. It gets a discount and it's pretty fairly stocked and to top it all off It's very close to some hazres rings And now with this new combat buff it's pretty good I'd say

Author — @Canadian_Ale


I made my way to Cormack Hub in Proycon and it has been a great choice because of it's proximity to good trade hubs, resource zones and variety of missions.

Author — @WhiteIkiryo-yt2it


I like to filter by economy. You can see the different station interiors and get an idea of the general outfitting they would carry. I also like to have a Mat Trader or IF in system. Gende was my home system for a very very long time. Good outfitting in high tech economy, so the interior was cool. High Res site for PvE, close to PowerPlay headquaters. 1 jump from a haz res system with IF.

Author — @jober112


I guess there is also the roleplaying perspective. I wanted my home to be in imperial space, and ended up settling on Hiyya Orbital in the Arjung system. It has the other benefits mentioned in this video as well as also being a Li Yong-Rui system. A good option for upcoming imperials! Great video!

Author — @mikaelhylen7926


Liked and already subscribed. You always have great vids. I am helping a new player get started. This exactly what we both needed. I didn't know about the Commanders Tool Box. Thank you!

Author — @MsRmaclaren


Super informational, super efficient, not a second wasted in this video without getting some good info about the topic, subbed

Author — @heat6498


I am a fan of Neto, and the home station of Ising Vision. Pretty decent selection of ships, good outfitting options, close to mining locations and bounty hunting.

Author — @starwhip7697


"We've narrowed it down to 88 stations", at that point i noticed Okinura was the top listed system, I had this as my home system for a long time. Maybe not now but prior to the krait being added, apart from imperial ships, you could buy every ship in the game there

Author — @brucethen


Amazing video that I wish I’d had access to when I started playing 4 years ago! This might finally get my 14yo son into the game; please keep the videos for beginners coming! 🙂

Author — @happyspaceinvader508


NAV beacons are also an opportunity for PvE. So if the system has no rings, you can head for the beacon.

Author — @ferretlxix


This was really succinct and specific! Very helpful, thank you!

Author — @RagingPariah


I kinda like He-Bo, its really nothing special, no perks, sub par ship parts, but for me its the middle of engineers, and it's closer to jackson's lighthouse (almost always use this when traveling out the bubble)

i think i chose it because it had a large population, and i kept passing by doing missions in my sidewinder

Author — @Stue-e


Interesting video. Thank you.
I've always just grinded and as I go about my 12hrs a session as a Postman I eventually find a home for 5 minuets. I've spent a little time in Jameson Memorial but for me personally, other than having access to everything, it's not for me. I'm still looking for thee Station for home but, I think, space is home no matter where I am. I guess I'm just in love with the Galaxy. It's beautiful even though it's a game, it's beautiful and I care to live my dream even at my old age.

Author — @leviathanskiss8720