Mariah Brings Her Drug Test Results To Stop The Rumors | Married To Medicine Highlights (S7Ep7)

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Mariah Brings Her Drug Test Results To Stop The Rumors | Married To Medicine Highlights (S7Ep7) 4.5
Mariah brings the receipts and the drug test results to prove Quad wrong, but do the rest of the ladies even want to know the truth?

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Dr. Jackie is in full renovation mode building a brand-new practice, moving into a new home with Curtis and continuing to rebuild their marriage. Dr. Heavenly and Damon are broadening their medical horizons by opening a surgical center all while keeping the flame in their marriage on high. Dr. Simone and Cecil are still under one roof and enjoying family life as Cecil takes on a new title as Dr. Simone’s assistant. Dr. Contessa is going back to school to get her masters and working to open a new clinic with her husband Scott. Quad is living her best life and feeling liberated as she works on her inner happy and treating herself. Toya and Eugene are looking to add a new member to their family along with moving into their new home. Mariah and Aydin are embracing their children growing up and teaching them life lessons. On the business front, Mariah is working on opening a boutique in her hometown. Buffie is a new friend to the “Married to Medicine” crew and as the wife of psychiatrist Dr. David Purselle, she takes her Mrs. MD very seriously.

Jacqueline Walters
Heavenly Kimes
Simone Whitmore
Contessa Metcalfe
Quad Webb
Toya Bush-Harris
Mariah Huq
Buffie Purselle


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💬 Comments on the video

Im looking at Jackie really different she’s very fake.

Author — Tiah L’oreille Bastion


It’s cool seeing Mariah and Toya friends after the epic MAMA DRAMA

Author — Antoinette Bradley


I remember how everyone had Kandi's back when Porsha brought up drug allegations. But on here these women are letting that rumor just slide on by because they don't like Mariah. That's not right at all.

Author — Missy Missy


Jackie is shady af. She really is showing her true colours. Mariah beware of her, no matter what you do Jackie is never ever ever ever gonna do you right.

Author — Poppie Pops


Mariah should sue the mess out of Quad. Mariah came with the receipts and Quad still keeping the same energy

Author — PinkLips


So it's ok to talk about the drug allegations on a wack radio show but not ok to even take a look at test results. How hypocritical

Author — darryl norman


I respect Eugene even more now, he didn’t have to do that.

Author — eritreasunshine


I’ve never liked Jackie, always thought she was putting on a front. But she’s been showing her behind this season

Author — k b


Seriously loving Toya this season!!! She seems to have mellowed down a little bit BUT with the same amount of fun :)

Author — Tsoanelo Sedibe


Dr Jackie is soo messy!
Quad, you’re not married to medicine; please leave.

Author — Eva Jacqueline


Now Heveanly don’t wanna be involved? But who was even talking to her last episode for her unnecessary interject into the convo

Author — getwithlu


Toya is the only real one on the show. She's way more mature and sensible than all of them.

Author — Laurent les twins Girl


“They can all go kick bricks in open toed shoes” 😂😂

Author — cunderw12


They fired Phaedra for assassinating Kandy's character, they need to do the same with Quad.. that's a huge accusation and she cant prove it so she needs to go!

Author — Ms Lolah


Quad u are a hurt little girl who needs therapy. As for Jackie u are the messiest on the show claiming to want a sisterhood but didn't want to acknowledge the medical test.

Author — Carletta Pittman


Jackie shown me her real true colors 😒

Author — YoYo32071


I'm so happy Mariah and Toya built a friendship!! Jackie is fake and want to be superior to all.

Author — Ms. Davis


Well she shouldn't have opened her mouth if she didn't wanna be in it

Author — Iesha Jeter


Idk but Toya has grown alot since the miscarriage. I'm so sorry for her loss but I'm so proud of her growth.

Author — Erica Marie Lee Pagan


I'm glad Mariah & Toya are in a good place, my they have came a long way.

Author — robert stanley