Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel: The Royal Game of Ur | PLAYTHROUGH | International Tabletop Day 2017

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Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel: The Royal Game of Ur | PLAYTHROUGH | International Tabletop Day 2017 5

YouTuber Tom Scott has flown drones through lightning, he’s taken on the first human-powered theme park, he’s even visited Penistone. But he’s never taken on a British Museum curator in the world’s oldest playable board game… UNTIL NOW!

For International Tabletop Day 2017, Tom Scott was challenged by British Museum Curator Irving Finkel to a round of the oldest playable board game in the world – The Royal Game of Ur – a game whose rules were rediscovered and deciphered by Irving himself.

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White long beard and hair: ✓
Round glasses: ✓
Old age: ✓
British accent: ✓
Visible wisdom: ✓
Possession of forgotten arcane knowledge: ✓
The arrogance of a mage: ✓
The desire for a competition of somewhat equivalent intelligence: ✓
A tiny drop of madness: ✓

Yep. He's definitely a wizard

Author — kaan nezih


Little known fact: the Romans destroyed this game out of anger at the fact Summarians were trying to sell DLC on day one of launch.

Author — aceonfire11


this guy is literally eipc... "I'm going to literally wipe the floor with him, it's my game and I work at the british museum" hahahahaha he's great... give him a raise or something

Author — Nick Burton


The trash talking at the beginning was just so perfect.

Author — S. Thomas K


Hello this is Irving Finkel Love all your comments!

Author — Irving Finkel


"Tom has thrown a zero 7 times this match"
Tom: rolls a zero
"Make that eight times"

Author — DoomRater


One of his childhood games. Brings him fond memories playing it.

Author — Lucem


Dumbledore: I have never been able to count to ten on my own.

Author — Julian Chinn


I want Irving to take me under his wing and train me as his squire

Author — Randomnesswins



Youtube: Here's a programmer and wizard playing a 4, 500 year old board game

Author — Conner Allen


Now I'm interested to hear what the more complicated rules are like.

Author — Kneefoil


I wonder when the Sumerians are gonna release the next update to the game

Author — Eric Fallas


Irving: "I hope you're not taking this domination personally"

Author — Decimate Cloud


Youtube recommendations: "Hey, you wanna watch a wizard play a programmer in a 4, 500 year old game?"
Me: "You had my attention.. Now? Now you have my interest."

Author — Souffrant D'Epinè


3000 Years from now, some guy is going to explain Magic the Gathering to a random person

Author — svfutbol20


"you sure?"
"AHAHAAHAAHAA!!- sorry, didnt mean to do that"

Author — Dynamic Gorgon 39


I love finkle's sense of humor, he cracked me up the whole game

Author — Fiona Hodkinson


Okay, Irving Finkel is my favorite person today.

Author — trois rrible


"Don't irritate the Mesopotamian gods" = best answer ever.
Can't wait to play this game.

Author — cheyenne ubaghs


Wizard : "Awww look he already is the master"

Tom: *Knocks off wizards piece*

Wizard: *Mastery level intensifies*

Author — Mikyle S.