Kevin Pearson = Jack Pearson's Son

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I'm so obsessed with This is Us. Kevin is one of my favourite characters and I love how he's been developed in Season 1. This is my attempt to show the different sides to him: his grief for his dad, his bond with Kate, his love for Sophie, his jealousy with Randall, his insecurity that he wasn't as loved, and finally, that, when it matters, he's his father's son.

Colouring: SunnyVids (thank you!!)

Hope you all like this! Thank you so much for all your support so far! :)

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This is so great. Kevin is my favourite character and I love it when people create stuff that shows how complex he is.

Author — nostalgiekind


His such a complex character, Especially this season. Beautiful video loved the choice of song and how you really captured his character.

Author — ShootingArrow


I love Kevin!! His character means a lot to me and he’s very special to me!! I have a lot of empathy and compassion for him!! I wish I can somehow go on the show and help him!!

Author — Strictlybrooke154 Brooke W


This was heart tugging. I hope Kevin gets a happy ending.

Author — Book Babyface


Really beautiful I love it ! Good job !

Author — series_addict


Tbh Randall ressembles Jack way more even though he is not his biological kid

Author — LiwiaGoszynska


What episode is the first scene from?? Of Kevin and is dad doing the models together

Author — Pedro Hernandez


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