GLEE - Full Performance of ''Survivor/I Will Survive' from 'Hold on to Sixteen'

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GLEE - Full Performance of ''Survivor/I Will Survive' from 'Hold on to Sixteen' 5

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They really put Santana, Mercedes and Brittamy in a group and wanted us to believe ND could beat them. Lol.

Author — Ronny Rivas


Anyone noticed how in this performance Mercedes is giving it her all but they always called her lazy. She wasn’t lazy she was just tired of being back up.

Author — Rossy Reynoso


Can we all appreciate Sam being supportive while Finn and Blaine were just jerks about their performance

Author — OcarinaSims


I hate that Finn was like "we got this", i want to give him a reality check because if this was in the real world the Troubletones would have won

Author — Guilherme Almeida


Everyone hates on sugar but like her stage presence is everything. Sure she can’t sing but she can dance and she has amazing expressions whenever she performs. I stan

Author — Sofia Wilson12


This makes me realize that the ND never had real choreography- they would just all move around in unison and then take a stance to create the illusion that there was choreography, while Mike or Brittany did some dance moves here and there.

Author — Thesourpatchkidd


So everyone agrees, that this should have won.

Author — Aeri EXO ReVe


Yuh and they kept calling mercedes “lazy”

Author — Carter Hargrow


The most unrealistic thing this show ever did was having THIS lose to whatever the hell the New directions did lol

Author — Xzzedward zzX


Sam in the wings supporting his women! God that man is the male character in this franchise that knows how to respect women and isn’t frightened of their power!!!

Author — Bradley Yates


Naya, Amber and Dianna saved this show.

Author — Elyyen Venn


Honestly, a team that has both Santana and Mercedes could sing anything and it would be the best performance.

Author — Jade Ambrósio


Can we just acknowledge the way Sam looked at Mercedes, like damn man. They should’ve been endgame😭😭😭💗

Author — Jocelyn Long


I’m sorry but the Troubletones where literally better in every single way especially in this performance

Author — Ayden hernandez


its so unrealistic this lost against tina singing abc

Author — Julissa Ramirez


Everyone: singing and background vocals
Sugar: WHAT.

Author — Logan Snow


I’m still pissed the Troubletones didn’t win sectionals, their one song was way better than New Directions three Jackson songs put together 😴

RIP Naya 💛

Author — Mooz 19


Finn was like "we got this"... Y'all didn't got nothing BooBoo... if this was real life the New Directions would've been called out for how tedious their performance was🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Mazvita Selemani


when naya said "and in my years to come I'm still gon' be here" my heart shattered into a million pieces

Author — Lizzie


“We got this”
“Yeah we do”
*Pissed me off* 😠

Author — ceanna s