What's going on with China's economy? - BBC News

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What's going on with China's economy? - BBC News 4
China's economic growth is slowing down. But what's really going on in the world's second largest economy? Dharshini David takes a look at the figures behind the headlines for Reality Check.

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Wow it is the annual china collapse news again, so exciting and refreshing

Author — Middle Man


British Media "The Economist“
China's one child policy: against the human rights
China stopped the one child policy: it will cause worldwidely food crisis

Author — Lee Sugardaddy


England better focus on their own before judging others.

Author — That guy that ate your pine apple


When you realize that China's "slowest growth rate" is 3× America's highest.

Author — Nikola Tesla


at current rate China is adding a Netherlands sized economy every year, and an indian sized economy every 3.5 years. so yeah, better worry about your brexit than a slower RATE of growth in China.
China's slow down is intentional, and will be beneficial in the long run, as the current Xi administration is curbing the overcapacity in economy, which is a leftover problem from the previous Hu administration's over investment due to the 2009 world financial crisis.

China lost their competitive advantage in making Nike sneakers to vietnam and Bangladesh years ago, so why is this channel trying to portray that's a bad thing? This means China is moving up the economic ladder, and is producing higher value goods and services.

Author — obsidianstatue


Wait, who started the trade war first?

Author — 护卫中华


BBC in 1990 - china’s economy will collapse next year. Russia wants world war 3. India is a poor and dirty country.

BBC in 2000 - china’s economy will collapse next year. Russia still wants world war 3. India is a poor country.

BBC in 2010 - china’s economy will collapse next year. Russia wants world war 3 russsia is evil. India is poor country with millions of starving people.

BBC in 2019 - china’s economy is about to collapse. Russia wants world war 3 Putin is murderer and dictator. India is poor and don’t have toilets.

No matter how good these three countries do, it will always be ‘evil’ in front of the salty brits and westerners.

Author — Avdesh Alvaraz


Keep in mind that everytime a non-Anglos country is suceeding, you have those western medias who would try to belittle this country.
5 years ago it was Russia, now it’s China. And you even start to notice some news about India.
Westerners are salty to lose their white hegemony and would try to shot you down if you outdo them 🤔

Author — L Eðö


A: tell me a joke
B: BBC news
A: ahahahah...

Author — Rick Liu


West: china is slowing down drastically
China: but were still faster than you

Author — Dragon 100


When worker's wages were low, BBC told you that it was modern slavery, and when the wages increase, BBC told you that it was the sign of economic issues. Yeah, I got it. No matter what happened in China, it must be something bad. Good job, BBC.

Author — Yuhua Qiu


- says nervous british man for the 400th time

Author — Gaben


Don't judge any asian country when you don't know how much efforts we are taking to make our countries better! (Especially westerns)

Author — komal


I usually watch BBC when I am having meal as comedy.

Author — Keni Juhua


Even China reaches its lowest point, there's nothing to worry about. The political structure in China allows the existing government set their eyesight on the long-term future, whereas the so-called democracy in the US makes the politicians short term oriented.
Over time, China will take off way further.
Just my personal opinion.

Author — Brandon Tan


Could it be some kind of propaganda? BBC using Indian looking face to anger Chinese with nonsense news knowing full well there is a serious border issues between the two?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Author — Veena Gayathri


Fake News
China never collapse, it is just a slow growth.

Author — Rath Mam


The Chinese are rich, this is a fact that cannot be changed!

Author — Amos Smith


More and more people are refusing to pay the tv license. Bbc will have to get used to it.

Author — cary bary


Jealousy of Westerners against Asian countries taking over the world

Author — Jatin Gupta