2015 Cadillac Escalade vs GMC Yukon vs Lincoln Navigator vs Ike Gauntlet Towing Test Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

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I love my V8 towing power, I can sit on 110km/h (which is the highway speed limit in Australia) towing a 4t boat going up hill in 6th gear without strain. V8 power!!

Author — Lochlan McDermott


Just got a Yukon 2015 SLT 4wd last Friday. Love it. Almost got the Escalade until the dealer showed me the Yukon. Handles better. More features. Better choice for me.

Author — Brooklyn Bred


Everybody says how great the escalade compared to the navigator, the escalade is a 4th gen platform whereas the navigator is still the 3rd gen platform with a facelift. And for 3rd gen, the navigator has many advantages over the escalade like independent rear suspension which gives people in the 3rd row TONS of leg room. Try sitting in the 15 escalade in the 3rd row, your knees will be in your chest, pretty lame considering the 90k price tag. And just wait till the 4th gen navigator comes out with its aluminum body and completely redesigned. It will be a much better vehicle than the escalade. The bottom line is this, escalades are for Douchebag people that think a lot of themselves and need to let other people know it, navigators are for sensible people that appreciate luxury and COMFORT and feel comfortable watching the Douchebag people argue about which one is better.

Author — AZ Livin


Had lots of shifting. Also need to do a throwback Thursday and test the 496 vs 460 CI big gas motors for towing. Would be epic

Author — poobank


I would rather have the Yukon and escalade than the navigator however the new fords are pretty cutting edge

Author — Chris John Michael


A vote for an _"Import Truck"_ virtual tow off! Infinity QX-80, Nissan Armada,  Lexus LX 570,  Toyota Sequoia, and maybe the Land Rover LR4 and Range Rover. I can't wait!

Author — NIAtoolkit


Looked like that trailer was no problem for it. Can you also do an mpg loop?

Author — T Ritchie


Great video. I would like to point out that Kent made a mistake on the paint. The color of the Escalade is Dark Granite Metallic, not Graphite.

Author — DaNihselAuto


Add a lift kit and off road I would love to see

Author — Ernie Sandoval


The all-new, next generation Lincoln Navigator probably will be heavily based off the Lincoln Continental sedan but with a bit more luxury.

Author — Symbolic AcclaimedTM


just wait till the turbos go bad in the eco boost engines not cheap to rebuild

Author — Graham Davis


anyone ever consider maybe why the NA engines get better fuel econ up the hill? maybe because if the engine is say for instance programmed to run a max of 12.0:1 air/fuel ratio, as the air gets less dense the computer will see that its getting less air and pull back the amount of fuel, even if the AFR is still at 12.0:1 the amount of fuel will be less, because engines are air dependent not fuel..

Author — Marc Monson


You guys mention at the end of the video that you are using the raptor as the chase truck. However in this episode it clearly looks like a 2015 F-150 king ranch. Will there be a video on it soon?

Author — Mototitan87


Did anyone noticed the F150 passing the Escalade with trailer and TFL Bronco in tow on the 3:05 mark.

Still I prefer the Yukon and Expedition since those are the real bang for the buck. Navigators are too expensive and a bit redundant.

Author — Lucas Alamo


So what's the biggest difference between the Dinali and the Cadillac besides the queue system?

Author — Import Domestic


All three trucks are nice!! But if u gonna spend that kind of money, like Roman said u might as well go with the escalade!! But ford did pretty well with that Ecoboost!!

Author — Brandon Non-ya-biss


Once again the 3.5 EcoBoost king of the Ike Gauntlet!

Author — 03 SVT Cobra


After watching the 3500s haul 12k lbs for around 60 to 70 grand effortlessly, these SUTRUCKS are not relevant to me. Take care!

Author — Mister -_- McGill


Should have done the tahoe and suburban too

Author — sneakysnakepie1


Strange that you did not mention that the navigator wan the twoing chalnge!!
I have tow navigators 99 and 2011 and they are the best there is

Author — Osamah