Learn To Be Still (Don Henley / Stan Lynch) Don Henley Eagles Cover

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

We’re FRENCH Blues and Ballads LOVERS. We used to perform in our bathtubs or by our fireplaces.
We finally found this place to perform for a larger audience and pay our tribute from PARIS.
We hope you’ll enjoy it
! New songs twice a month... Pure acoustic live!
Français et amoureux de blues et de ballades nous avons longtemps chanté dans nos baignoires ou devant la cheminée.
Nous avons enfin trouvé un lieu pour jouer devant vous...
Nouveau titre tous les quinze jours... Acoustique et live!
Vocal Dan Mitrecey
Guitar Dominique Cotten

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Une musique qui donne envie de voyager !
À très vite Dan 😘

Author — TimTico


I stumbled upon your channel by chance one very late night...You guys are fantastc! This is one of my favorite songs and your cover is superb: great job! Love your channel and artistry!

Author — MrMonte234cristo


Le bon Rock qu'on aime, continuez les mecs, on est avec vous. Amitié. dédé de Montreuil

Author — André Cardinali


Bravo depuis Valencia. Vivement les prochains !

Author — Sole DLS


I found you by listening to Margot and I am really surprised by your talent, your enthusiasm and your choice of songs. It's great to hear songs that I know for many of years in an other version. Keep on uploading and I will keep on listening.

Author — Henk Prevoo


So Cool. Love This. I'm Old School And Staying Here.

Author — Michelle Hawkins


C'est à Blanche G qu'il faut faire écouter son chanteur préféré

Author — Madeleine Brossard


oh wait a second this isn't Don henley? oh okay let me go to the next one...

Author — Charles W