China Quarantines City At Center Of COVID-19 Outbreak | TODAY

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China Quarantines City At Center Of COVID-19 Outbreak | TODAY 4.5
To contain the spread of a mysterious virus, the Chinese city at the center of the outbreak is now on lockdown, with virtually no one allowed to leave or enter. NBC’s Janis Mackey Frayer reports for TODAY from China.

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China Quarantines City At Center Of COVID-19 Outbreak | TODAY

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It’s kind of ironic that it’s the year of the Rat....

Author — Mr. LaPineapple


Healthcare workers must be brave heading to work each day.
Best of luck to all!

Author — bob jalockowitz


Whatever stats the Chinese report multiply that
times ten and its a more accurate figure !.
Panic can cause many, many deaths so outbreaks will
virtually always be downplayed by the media !.

Author — Gabriel Shear


WHO  ON  14 JANUARY 2020.

News  reports 
have  brought  out 
warning  on  14  January 
2020  issued  by  
WHO  of   a 
new  corona virus  that 
has  struck  in 
a  city   of   China. 
The  symptom  of 
the  disease  is 
said  to  be 
pneumonia  and  it 
could  have  been  through  exposure 
to  seafood  market 
in  Wuhan  city 
of  China  sometime 
in  December  2019.    And 
a  limited  human-to-human  transmission 
has  been  mentioned 
which  can  be  
read  to  imply 
that   a  limited 
contact  with  such 
patients  has  the  potential  of 
spreading.    The 
warning  to  hospitals 
world-wide  is  reported 
to  have  been 
issued.  The  news 
reports   as  on  23  January  
2020    suggest  that 
,   in  China 
,   more  cases 
are  coming  to 
light  while  death 
toll  has  risen 
to  17.  This 
Vedic  astrology  writer 
had  alerted    around 
October-  November  2019  
about  the  likelihood 
of  the  planetary 
impacts  involving  respiratory 
system  and  lung 
in  the  body 
in  vulnerable  cases 
across  the  world 
,   particularly  during 
April  to  June 
and  October-December  in 
the  year  2020. 

this  context ,  
it  is  apt 
to  refer  readers 
to    this 
Vedic  astrology  writer’s 
predictive  alert   of 
11  November ,  
2019  through  article 
-  “  Astrological 
probable  alerts  for 
2020”  -  published 
on  1 January  2020 

 The  text 
of  the  related 
alert  reads  like 
this  in  the 
article :-

“  More 
care  and  appropriate 
strategy  may  be 
taken  during  April 
to  June ,  
particularly  May-June  in 
2020  against  …………………such 
stuff  as  are 
known  for  repugnant 
and  repulsive  smell 
through  air…………………foodstuff ,  
seafood  …….could  be 
either  hit  or 
face  serious  issues”.   
In  another  article  published 
on  15  December  
2019 ,    covering   
Italy   through  article 
- “  Potential  of 
stars  for  Italy 
in  soon  coming 
year  2020”  - 
published   at,        November –December  2020  have  been 
alerted  like  this 
:-“  This  scenario 
can  also  mean 
worrisome  ailments  involving 
respiratory  system  in 
the  body”.    Later  on 
a  further   insight 
on  the  issue 
,   it  occurred 
  to  this 
writer  that  the 
impacts  may  stay 
longer  to  call 
for  more  care 
and  appropriate  strategy. 
In  other  words 
,   as  the 
days  pass ,   the  need 
to  have  more 
care  and  appropriate 
combating   medical   strategy 
is  likely  to 
mount  in  2020 
which  has  the   
potential   to   spill 
over   as  far  as
  December   2021. 
During  the  present 
year  2020 ,   
April  to  June 
and  October  to 
December ,   making 
a  total  of  
about  six  months 
look  to  be 
needing  attention  in 
that  regard.  The 
phenomenon  may  be 
understood  here.  Even 
if   new  Coronavirus 
related  case  does 
not  appear  in 
a  country  or 
countries ,   the 
patients  having  lung 
problem    or   vulnerability   already  
  independent  of  
new  Coronavirus ,     could 
be  impacted  in 
some  way ,  
whatsoever  little  during   
the  said  span 
of  time.  So 
vulnerability  is  important 
from  the  standpoint 
of   planetary  impact  
calling  for  more 
care  and  appropriate  
medical  strategy.   Having 
said  that ,  
there  is  no 
need  to  be 
in  panic   as 
the  coronavirus does  not 
exist  anywhere  and 

Author — Kushal Kumar


I thought a Coronavirus was something you got from drinking Mexican Beer!

Author — Chicken and Cheese Taquitos


Shows what happens if you eat everything that walks, flys or crawls. 😈

Author — panthera50


Another case last night person at the airport los Angeles lax has been taken to the hospital for evaluation. Seem he presented symptoms of this Coronavirus

Author — lively A


Watching this map representation looks like a game of Pandemic

Author — Edgy Teenager


There’s basically no information on this.. every news report for days has basically said the same thing, nothing.

Author — Brandy Y.


Your news crew will help spread this virus, but because you’re American media; you left once the quarantine started. That’s too late.

Author — Shiva Vereen


I guess those Chinese people drank too much corona beer

Author — FBI ❶


Time to put a hold on flights coming to the U S from china. Trump lets shut down all flights Americans first

Author — J Quiles


1:52 so they really are the world chicago

Author — Robert


If we could please start calling the Corona Virus the Kung Flu, that'd be great, thx!

Author — ClaceSizzyMalec Lover4Ever


Barely ANY more updates on this topic.
What’s going on ?!

Author — LeFuq


Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah
Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Get up, come on get down with the sickness

Author — flint fireforge


This is resident evil dude, raccoon city in wuhan. I hope the government won’t drop a bomb after

Author — samtoo2010


no border control in the usa ...thank you nancy..; should be fired as speaker!

Author — fred flintstone


It's very different to close a whole city. Quite suspicious.



Make sure China pay for corona virus damage 😆💰💴💴💵💶💷

Author — Bella asmr