'Doctors Of Reddit' #2 | WEIRDEST Patient Stories

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'Doctors Of Reddit' #2 | WEIRDEST Patient Stories 5

In this SR I will be chatting with you guys about published videos, medical topics, and more. I hope you can use it as a safe space to chat all things health. It is a great place to submit memes, episodes, and polls!

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series, Memes, & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

- Doctor Mike Varshavski

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My mother taught me a rule: Be 100% honest to your lawyer and your doctor. Wise words, i say....

Author — Georgios Tsironis


I hate parents that are more concerned with their child's "image" than their health.

Author — Zara M98


"Don't put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow"
Me, with a watermelon: ight im good

Author — FoxyPirateFox9054


Went to watch ur video, an ad appeared with u talking in it

Me: is this the video?

Author — Error_Unknown_User


There should be some kind of intelligence/common sense test you have to take before you can have kids.

Author — Agoraphobication


Moral of the story when interacting with doctors: “you lie, you die”

Author — GotchaGaming L.


Doctor Mike : "Don't be embarassed. Doctors are humans too. We do weird stuff *all* the time..."
Also Doctor Mike : "I mean not me. Other... Doctors..."
Got it.

Author — h a p p i n e s s .


When I was just over 1 I bit into a tide pod. It squirted out everywhere but the majority got in my eyes. My mother immediately rushed me to the bathroom to wash my eyes out vigorously.
After I was sent to A&E the doctors were able to clean out the detergent. When the doctor came out to reassure my mom I was gonna be fine, he explained that I would have lost my sight if she hadn’t cleaned out my eyes with the water. Wash your eyes out immediately if anything gets into them!

Author — Rían Cahill


Me: y is your dog so fat?
Owner: she’s not fat, she’s

Author — Esther Kim


Kid: *Eats ants*
Mom: *Feeds them ant poison*

Modern problems require modern solution

Author — Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access


Doctor mike: tickle, tickle tickle, that is no Bueno


Author — Daniel Lai


Religious people think that their daughters are the new virgin Mary. 😂

Author — Semir


imagine the girl's situration (the pregnant one) and was like: mom dad. i think im pregnant. BUT NO BOY THO, guess god blessed me, this is blessing mom let's just pray.

Author — Jacob M


-rips tape off butt-
“OoOoh look worm eggs.”

Author — Blessed And beautiful


I have so many unanswered questions about the lady stuck on the toilet for three days.

Author — S M


Meanwhile in my childhood

“Mom i got a leaf stuck in my ear”

Author — Your fellow Communist


Tide Pods: It’s not just that they “look like candy, ” it’s that they’re almost tailor-made to perfectly resemble what the primitive part of our brains expect the most delicious, nutritious fruit EVER to look like, feel like, even smell like. On the one hand, it works to get people to buy them. On the other hand, kids and pets (because particularly young kids have nothing but instinct to work with) see it and think “oh look, an incredibly delicious and nutritious fruit! I MUST EAT IT!”

This is why most states have laws saying stuff like anti-freeze must contain a substance that makes them taste painfully bitter; anti-freeze has the same issue with hitting all the right instinctive buttons to make children and animals think it MUST be delicious and nutritious so they can’t really help themselves. They can’t resist the urge to try and eat it, so the additional bitter taste at least insures they won’t consume enough to get sick and they likely won’t make that mistake a second time.

Author — Rekka Riley


"People lie." - Gregory House

Author — pchen88


"Scotch tape test"
Hey nurse pass me the duct tape We need to do a test

1 day later
Nurse, rip that tape off like ur waxing ur legs

Author — Legendary Andru


Patient: Gets an idea
Rectum: Starts glowing

Author — CRF Focus