Ink Masters Slap Off Contest KO (Full Video) Championship Match (Must Watch)

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Ink Masters Slap Off Contest KO (Full Video) Championship Match (Must Watch) 4.5
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If my mom joined this, she would have won every match.

Author — Tupac1996


How to win the slap contest:
Step 1: Wear a beanie so the slaps don't connect well
Step 2: Back out everytime they take their slap
Step 3: Instead of cleanly slapping their cheek aim for the side of their head and club them instead

Author — Sam McEwan


Dude with the beanie moves his head every single time. What a wimp.

Author — Diego Rojas Sebastian


Dude with the beanie moved his head at the last moment of every slap to alleviate the force. Didn't deserve the win 🖕

Author — Hahaha


In the Russian ones if you move you get slapped again

Author — Alex Peak


Every person in that room has a combined iq of 10

Author — Myles Friesen


Shake hands before you give each other brain damage

Author — Master Reality


Girls dressing room: that guy is so cute...

Boys dressing room: ...

Author — JC 07


the winner is a chicken... dont move your head

Author — 파이리


Lol the "winner" kept moving his head so the slaps weren't hitting that hard. The second place took each slap like a champ. He's the real winner.

Author — Tucker_K12


I can't believe they have children there watching, and crying.

Author — Nature Boy


Tupac as long as mine has a flip flop in her possession, I am not safe lol😂
And why the table

Author — H Thibert


2015:not today
2016:not today
2017:not today
2018:not today
2019: it's the time to recommend it to watch

Author — Respectツ


They doing all this for 200 dollars wow🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ and he got a whole beanie on not fair

Author — Lamarko Patterson


first one wasn't a slap, right? should've been disqualified.

Author — john lloyd Tulang


Try to play it 0.25x speed to clearly see that the guy is cheating

Author — Claynius


No comment to the competitors saying are stupid is a compliment

Author — PRELLINI1


I would hate to be the winner wife when the husband is mad

Author — Jesus MUnoz


1989: There will be flying cars in the future

Author — SwiftyBoi


Damn nobody got knocked out for the championship? That was weaker than my internet connection

Author — call me stevo