NATO Boeing E-3A AWACS at RIAT 19

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NATO Boeing E-3A AWACS at RIAT 19 5

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NATO’s advanced Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft are helping to make the skies safer by providing greater situational awareness,
The Boeing E-3 Sentry (Model 707) is a four-engine long-range AWACS aircraft (Airborne Warning And Control System) produced by the US-American manufacturer Boeing.
The E-3 Sentry is based on the Boeing 707-320B commercial airliner.
Operators are: US Air Force, Royal Air Force, Armée de l'Air, Royal Saudi Air Force and the NATO (based in Geilenkirchen, Germany).
British (E-3D/Sentry AEW.1), French (E-3F) and Saudi Arabian (E-3A) aircraft are powered by CFM Intl. CFM56 turbofan engines.Crew 4 + 13-19
Propulsion 4 Turbofan Engines
Engine Model Pratt & Whitney TF33-PW-100
Engine Power (each) 93,4 kN 21000 lbf
alternative Engine Variant

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I saw one of these over the Clyde a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting 👍

Author — caitgems1


My sons jet. I enjoy watching these old smokey birds in action. Thanks for sharing.

Author — David Weaver


Wow..absolutely incredible. .beautiful. .thanku x love an god bless x

Author — Wendy Raymond


Those old Boeing 707 platforms mostly defined the sounds and look of jet travel to me as a young lad.

Author — puirYorick


It really looked like it did not want to fly. Swimming in a hurricane on a calm day

Author — Paul Moore


Not exactly High-Bypass Turbo Fans, but still cool!

Author — Jeffrey J


So these engines are kinda obsolete now right? What is bigest difference between this and actual plane engines? Like I see they are way smaller.. but thats not just it right;)

Author — Ajdamus


The E-3 was scheduled to be phased out and replaced by satellites by 2000. That’s what the word was at Tinker AFB in the early 90’s. Engine rebuilds were done there in Bldg 3000. There were plenty rebuilds in storage. We had around 20 birds at Tinker, but I’m not sure what the numbers were in Alaska and Japan. The 707 has been in service since the late1950’s if memory serves with the newest E-3’s built in the early 80’s for the USAF SAC. Ironically the few we sold to Saudi had the larger GE engine upgrades. Similar in size to the 737.

Author — Scott Jones


I thought he was going by road elwyn lol great catch though and a smoky old bird a climate change nutjobs nightmare bloody marvellous lol

Author — Steve Holmes


It would be nice if all (only five of twenty eight members meet their 2% commitments) of the other NATO member nations would help pay to operate it .... just sayin’ ...

Author — USNVA11