MLB | Oddities | Part 3

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MLB | Oddities | Part 3 5

It's always fun when these kind of things happen.

Outro Song | KSHMR & Headhunterz - "Dharma"

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Thank you all for the support, it really does mean a lot.

Author — EXE-Edits


Tropicana field’s architect never watched a game of baseball in their life.

Author — Jared Trupp


“Baseball should really never be played indoors”

Tropicana field: Hold my beer

Author — Danny Casserly


Me: “Ok I’ve seen a lot of these and it’s been awhile and I’m not into baseball”

Ball: *immediately gets stuck in the wall*

Me: This channel never disappoints

Author — Stealthlock


2:43 Da fuq? That sounds like the rules in a backyard game "No, if it hits the fence it's a double but if it hits the fire hydrant it's a home run"

Author — TheGuyWhoIsAustralian


"I don't know if they make a ladder that big."

_Dude climbs a normal sized ladder and reaches it easily_

Author — Jivan Scarano


If I had a dollar for every time an announcer said "now I've seen everything"...

Author — The Sharp Earth Project


Watching from the UK i honestly had no idea Baseball could be fun to watch.
Binged the 3 oddities videos over the last hour

Author — Alfie Smith


Oh I thought the Orioles just always played in an empty ballpark

Author — Loxu


Ther could legit be an episode just on Tropicana field.

Author — Mike Szewczyk


Me: "Ok I'm not a big baseball guy, but I do like to watch funny stuff that happens in baseball"

8:32 - 8:47

Me: "I would've done the same thing"

Author — Red Sea


I think the main takeaway from this video is that Tropicana Field is an affront to everything good and decent, and should never have been built.

Author — James Blackburn


One thing I really appreciate about these videos you make is that 1) they're a good length, and 2) there's no click bait. You should feel really good about yourself for making such great content :)

Author — H*ck


11:00 - These two dopes keep going on and on about a stupid shoe, and miss the fact that the runner was SAFE at third.

Author — Pilletta Doinswartsh


Lol the dude tried to call time when the pitcher had already started his windup

Author — Xa


Thank you SO much for including the long versions of these clips, including explanations from the commentating booth. I find many MLB highlight channels on YouTube clip highlights so short that it's really annoying, sometimes even to the point of making it hard to tell what happened. Keep it up brother!

Author — Getawhale


As much as I hate the Yankees dude with 1 shoe was safe on that play at 3rd

Author — Detroit Diz


8:32 Potential preview of 2020's baseball season if they even have it.

Author — Kyle Phipps


i feel so bad for Tampa's garbage dump of a ballpark

Author — Aytch


"Talk about an ODDITY."
Roll credits.

Author — UltimaKeyMaster