Stephen High Kicks His Way Into North Korea's Army

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Stephen High Kicks His Way Into North Korea's Army 5

To join the ranks of North Korea's military it takes discipline, dedication, and some nifty dance moves. Stephen's Monday monologue contains all three.

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Good thing Trump has a Slovenian wife to remind him how to stand for the US Anthem

Author — Jared Blinzler


The variation on the "goose stepping" that Colbert exhibited was truly hilarious.

Author — Daniel Balaram Urribarri


1 time Obama forgot to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance because he was holding something and many Republicans made a huge deal about it claiming it was un-American,  yet I guarantee you no Republican, Conservative voter, or FOX News panelist will complain about Trump's Slovenian-born wife had to remind him to put his hand over his heart and doing the same thing they criticized Obama for. I believe Chris Rock put it best: "The hypocrisy of Democracy" with the Republicans over criticizing Obama yet defending Trump for doing the same things is getting irritating at this point.

Author — Jesse Torres


I'm sorry, but Stephen Colbert is quickly racing towards the spot in my heart as the funniest man on planet Earth. For month's now, everything this show has put out has been a classic. I'm gonna give you as much views as possible Mr. Colbert, and watch/click on every single ad on these videos even though I hate ads, all so you can keep on being funny as shit.

Author — Captain Obvious


I don't want Stephen Cobert to go on any more holidays! Not until Trump is gone.

Author — Barbara B


"I watch American news, that's why I don't know what's going on in Afghanistan"
Really pay attention to that line

Author — Andrew Ryan


Is there a channel of just Stephen Colbert doing funny dances? I would watch it regularly.

Author — Thewarrior Seagull


I'm not even surprised by the fact that Trump doesn't know what country he's bombing

Author — Zenoduxx


Steven, you've really stepped up your game since Trump became president. You're on fire!

Author — True Cuckoo


2:20 When you're bombing Syria, that's a decision you should take very "Syria-sly"

Did anyone else see that?

Author — Jonathan Chew


Stephen, seriously, they need to double your salary.

Author — Vesper Martini


Now all I can hear is Winston Churchill saying "nyum nyum nyum cake!"

My everything hurts.

Author — NewhamMatt


Stephen, one of the best show comedians! just brilliant!

Author — Nixon Chan


His goose step had me laughing for like ten minutes

Author — Liam Anderson


" I watch American news so I have no idea what's going on in Afghanistan. "

Brilliant line.

Author — 3sm1ro st


I get that Betsy DeVos was picked specifically to destroy the Department of Education, but honestly, all that she's doing is proving how important it is to have strong public schools.

Author — Tim H


"Educatuon"? Jesus, even Pink Floyd thinks that was stupid.

Author — Go Isles


Im sorry but Trump knows absolutely nothing about being President his "chocolate cake" could do a better job.

Author — Victoria Curran


The only time Melania and Trump seemed like a couple is this once.

Author — shoorveer singh


I have now watched Steven dancing several times. The music is great too.

Author — Christian Schoff