TVR Sagaris Review: Blackpool Final Hour Was Also Its Finest

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This is one I have wanted to do for a long time - the mad and wild looking TVR Sagaris. However, underneath that lunatic exterior, and behind those crazy side exit exhausts is reportedly the best, most accessible and finest assembled car TVR ever made. Is it so?

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I remember Jeremy Clarkson's words:
You get no airbag. TVR says just don't crash it

Author — Straight Busta


It's probably the cheapest car that would drag crowds away from Ferraris, McLarens and Lambos at a car-meet.

Author — celt67


As mad as a box of frogs, but the world is a better place for the sagaris existing

Author — bryan


I love the design of this car. Still looks brand new 15 years later.

Author — theo sincu


In 1988, I had a job on Bristol Avenue in Blackpool and would see loads of TVR’s being made (and tested) on the way to and from work. Took it for granted at time, never to be seen again.

Author — Chris Waistle


TVR cars are so cool. The Cerbera is one of the best looking cars ever made in my opinion. I would love to drive one some day.

Author — Axel Reunis


The rear window looks like its about to fly off 👌

Author — Randy Marsh


This is the type of car that the term "petrolhead" is truly made for and not the sanitised fast saloon brigade of wannabee petrolheads. :)

Author — Rtfa Zeberdee


Still looks like something that could roll off the production line today

Author — Faizaan Ahmed


That back window was moving about a lot in video. Stunning sound from TVR

Author — Aust 82


I like how the rear window keeps trying to open itself...

Author — 7rays


I change my cars as often as I change my pants! But my Sagaris has been in my garage for more than 5 years now...a very very special thing

Author — Pack Sorted


One of the few cars that looks best in orange

Author — Jan.


I love these TVRs. Back in the 90s I worked for a supplier to TVR and I had the opportunity to visit the Blackpool factory. It was a great experience. The V8 Griffith was my favourite back then.

Author — leatherwiz


Jay may be the only other person so knowledgeable of all Top Gear episodes as myself; several damn near complete Clarkson quotes here. That said, it was that episode that made me fall in love with this car because, as an American, TVR just doesn't exist here. A TVR always feels like a car made by car guys; the Sagaris is genuinely in my top 10, easy, yet I've never even seen one in person, which really is car guy logic.

Either way, nice review Jay.

Author — Godly Object


I never leave comments but having owned a Sagaris for a few years it was great to see your review and very fair I would say. Looking forward to more of the 550. I’ll be fascinated to see if you ever get round to a Carver One. Another one of mine I can highly recommend

Author — Martin Jeffries


that little Monster truly looked and acted the part. Fantastic

Author — toucan221


Ive always loved TVR, so good that the company was insane and creative 😂

Author — CS_044


Just one of these companies that makes you genuinely sad every time it fails.

Author — nor 08


My uncle Trevor had a few different "Trevors" 😂
Seriously, he had a t350t, a chimera and he bought "a wedge" to restore
He moved out of the country and sold up

Author — Dan23 7