Hannity: Dems, media mob will do anything to stop President Trump

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Hannity: Dems, media mob will do anything to stop President Trump 4.5

President Trump's critics are using the natural fear of the coronavirus as a political weapon. #FoxNews #Hannity

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This doesnt sound like he took the coronavirus seriously like he claimed last night.

Author — ThaChazo


"Journalists" should be held accountable for delivering "news" that isn't true.

Author — VooJa Day


Wait till Trump Jr takes office, he has been gearing up for it 😂

Author — Jenn Hawkins


Never voting Democrat for the rest of my life. The way they have acted the past 3 years is beyond disgusting.

Author — cpthornman


Orange Sphincter: "Nobody knows viruses better than I do. My viruses are perfect."

Author — rant404


Just think Hannity once considered the priest hood, now thats a scary thought.

Author — ICU america


I'm sure that if a Democrat is constipated, they'll blame it on the President.

Author — Debbie Robbins


The Bernie Bros are seeing what the Democrats have been doing to Trump now that they're doing it to Bernie but they won't admit it.

Author — Jean De La Garza


When the DNC nominates for their man; Joe Biden, Joe will select Hillary Clinton for VP

Author — c D


In a 1974 interview Ronald Reagan said the following "If fascism ever comes to America it will come in the guise of Liberalism."
The man knew what he was talking about all those years ago.

Author — TheLeadSled


Democrats: "I can't believe he told the truth!"

Author — Bryan Haynes


"No one is above the law... so we must change the law" -Democrats

Author — Flood


Much like every other stunt they've pulled politicizing this virus outbreak will backfire on them.

Author — Compete ToDefeat


The Democrats know they cannot win, I pray for our president's safety, they will try to harm him.

Author — R.L. Hayden


Me and my mom both got the H1N1 virus when it was going around. I have had when seems to be candida ever since then.

Author — Political Correctness Offends me


I remember when my 4 year old got H1N1. I didn't hear from the health department till a month later asking if we went out if the country.

Author — Native Veteran


We must squash the liberals. One day we'll look back on these days of lies and corruption with disgust

Author — misterE π


The 2020 election will be a referendum on what kind of society Americans want: *Capitalism or Socialism?*

Author — Hans Lennros


The Democrats actually have zero redeeming characteristics; they're a mob of dispicable hugely corrupt, souless criminals. One could never dream that such an awful political party could arise in the modern USA. Facts are undoubtedly stranger than fiction - Australian comment!

Author — Nigel Maund


Every photo of Biden with that smirk on his face shows a guy who knows he will never be touched. Lying shyster.

Author — Proinnsias O'Dubhlaoich