Gaijin Games Art Pipeline

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This video is just a quick look in to the inner workings of our art implementation pipeline, and is meant to get your mind wrapped around some of the tricks we use to make the game look full and complex with our small team and a short development cycle.

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Please put the presentation in it's own video too (or make it even more awesome with even more gameplay shown), makes sharing easier. Great work guys!

Author — NEG


Oh my... Nice art, nice pipeline, nice editing, nice gameplay. Nice... EVERYTHING.
<3 you, Gaijin.

Author — Lucas Berti


That Minecraft Creeper design was awesome! Sad that it wasn’t a character in the final game.

Author — TheGoldNShadow


Quite an excellent system you guys use for this.

Author — Platitudinous


I beat Runner, but Runner2 looks crazier!

Author — 4D1


is that slender man behind you on your left o .o at the begining of the video??

Author — JAWZZZ17