How Restoration Videos Are Faked

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In this video we investigate the world of staged restoration content and the incredibly dark truth behind it.

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Edit: It's 2023 now, thank you so much for 118k subscribers. I appreciate you all for the immense support. On a positive note, some of the animal channels mentioned in this video have now been removed by YouTube.

Edit: If you see this I want to let you know we are 500 subscribers away from 100k, this is huge. Thank you all!

New video about fake animal rescue videos:

Author — Internet Anarchist


Me and my dad usually watched these videos. He'd always say why I couldn't fix things like them. I'll be sending this right over as revenge for those hurtful words.

Author — statusiidhaea


I can’t express how grateful I am that this video was made. As someone who loves turtles to a point I have multiple indoor and outdoor ponds just for turtles. Seeing these videos in the past made me so incredibly angry. And seeing all of the supportive comments made me all the more infuriated. The fact this video had blown up is massive for reptile lovers and turtles as a whole. liked and subbed, anyone reading this should too.

Author — Kalem Martens


Holy crap. This took a very unexpected turn. So good to learn about this. Thank you for this video and raising awareness about animal abuse.

Author — Muu Marlin


In 1980 I "restored" a metal-cased walkie-talkie that had been dropped in the North Sea for 6 months off an oil rig, then later recovered by a diver. As you can imagine it was pretty badly corroded -- not just the salt-water, but it had been powered on when dropped, so there was a lot of electrolytic damage too. It was written off, but as a young apprentice I wanted to prove myself to the bosses, so I did get it working again without it needing a whole new main PCB, just for the hell of it. But of course, we had no internet back then, and I didn't even take pictures. So you'll just have to take my word for it! It's really obvious that some of the technology "restorations" are faked, and badly too, when you have worked on the real thing.



This is horrifying! I'm ashamed to say that I watched a few of these turtle barnacle videos in the past, although not recently. Won't be happening any more, I can tell you that.

Author — catwhowalksbyhimself


As a zoologist, the turtle videos fill me with rage. Those people need to feel the same pain they're inflicting on these animals.

Author — Amelia Bee


The worst part about the barnacle removal videos is that most barnacles don’t harm turtles
Editors note: I should clarify im talking about real barnacles not the ones in the videos

Author — Blue


I always wondered how they could “restore” certain things while grinding away the surfaces and using abrasive chemicals.

Author — puddin cup


I blew the whistle on Restoration and Metal years ago. These channels need to be banned.

Author — The Guitologist


Man I knew I wasn’t crazy. Me and my wife would watch these and some of the finishes they would achieve would be impossible with the rust and damage they portrayed

Author — Scott Wyatt


As an owner of an Australian Eastern long neck turtle, I'd like to say a huge thank you for helping spread the message of these horrible fakes. I knew about the fake restoration vids, but i've never seen the turtle ones till now and it actually broke my soul to watch that!



The most impressive element of this video was your ability to entirely recreate SunnyV2's editing style, genuinely it was impressive!

Author — Garbage Aim


I have often wondered how some guy in Indonesia can take a walk and find hi fi equipment, weapons, or motor vehicles on the side of the road just waiting for him to discover and rebuild.

Author — Robert Steven Schwartz


This turtle cleaning content keeps coming into my suggestions. The thumbnails are so ridiculously fake I don't understand why anyone would click that. I bet it's found it's origin somewhere in India...

Author — EpreTroll


There is a restoration channel that I watch that doesn't upload super regularly, but they restore old toy cars and there's never the sort of damage the channels with the highly rusty items show. Whenever I see the highly rusted items I always think how do you find so many highly rusted items to the same degree of damage.

Author — llpalm08


I recently watched a video about how Sea Turtles can feel through their shells. I'm not a very sqeamish guy but seeing them getting probed with a knife was genuinely hard to watch and fucking disgusted me. Like, unless you're a psychopath you can feel the pain they're going through. This is literal fucking torture and makes my blood boil

Author — James Williams


Thank you from all the real restoration channels, we put a lot of efford and a lot of money in new tools for it.

Author — Restoration Corner


I've seen many of these pop up in my video recommendations and they've always seemed super fake (at least the ones being pushed in my recs). I hate fake or staged videos and just assumed that all of them were fake at this point which is unfortunate because it's a neat concept overall. I'm glad some people like Backyard Ballistics are still making real ones but it's such an oversaturated topic now with too many fakers.

Author — ThankYouForComing


Having seen rust removed from metal before, I was always skeptical by the way they never seem to have to replace any parts, simply scrape it off.

Seriously, I tried fixing something that had rusted and it was so far beyond repair that I threw it out. 'Surface rust' is an oxymoron unless it's in early stages.

Author — Aussie Wanderer