Steven Curtis Chapman - Love Take Me Over (Official Lyric Video)

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Steven Curtis Chapman’s Love Take Me over Lyric video

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its a song that has a summer like feel when its the end of the school year and you thank the lord that he helped you finish the school year in the midist of how terrible things are at school and god symbolizes that beacon of hope. the song has that summer vacation feel idk why but to me it has that feel its pretty good

Author — KaijusaurusG2K


When I hear this song I just break out into a dance lol 😩😂😋

Author — Quest Called Indigo


This is infectiously delightful and serendipitously optimistic. I love it.

Author — RoxStar09


"So I'm praying Father help my heart believe
That right now You're singing over me
And fill me up with Your love"
Just can't stop listening to this song. Love it
🙌 👊

Author — Sady Lutumailagi


You've just pinned his career in a nutshell. "First Hand, "His Eyes, "For the Sake of the Call", "Great Adventure". "Heaven in the Real World", "Lord of the Dance", "Dive", "Live Out Loud, "All About Love", "Much Of You", "Cinderella", "Heaven is the Face", "Do Everything" have ALL fit in to the era in which they were created. lol

Author — mrm64


my school is possibly singing this sing for part of our spring program :)

Author — Bryce Peacock


Jesus fill me with your love so that I can grow and become a better person and spread your love to others!

Author — Billy T


awsome song he is a great man but it is so sad he lost his daughter

Author — Kathy Curtiss


Playing this on guitar praizin God is soooo much fun! :D

Author — Kelli Smith


I can never remember this song when I try, but it's what I subconsciously sing to myself at work, LOVE TAKE ME OVER <3

Author — Carlos M. Cruz


I love singing along to this song! It makes me happy! :)

Author — Little Sunshine


You know when you hear this song on the radio and you just break out dancing? That was me.

Author — Ldrs111


Awesome song! 103 people don't know good music when they hear it! I have been a huge SCC fan for as long as I can remember and always will be!

Author — Michael Davis


I wanted to listen to this song again for a long time, but for a while, it was considered unwatchable as it was apparently posted in a different area that I couldn't watch videos from. Glad I can listen to it again

Author — The Ring Leader


Jesus, You are the personification of LOVE <3

Author — Jamie


Love take all these thoughts I am thinking...praying Father you help my heart believe. Love take me over. 

I really like this song. :-)

Author — Kelly Garton


he has a unique way of getting a song out love the speechless cd thats classic

Author — Toya Latriel


Take over all my thoughts and fill the empty spaces in my heart, take me over Lord. I bless u!

Author — Gilles Valdez


Love take me over right now love this guy man seriously bruh!!!

Author — Jarod Davis


how does this only have 200, 000 some views...sad. this song should have zjdhb cbzjesusroxdnqd000 views! great song. TEAM JESUS!

Author — Jay McBob