Ukraine election 2019: The role of the war in Donbass | DW News

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Ukraine election 2019: The role of the war in Donbass | DW News 4.5
Ukraine's incumbent President Petro Poroshenko's job is on the line today in the country's presidential run-off. His opponent is Volodymyr Zelensky, a comic actor who plays a fictional president in a popular TV show. Polling stations will be open until early evening with preliminary results expected a few hours later. Pre-election opinion polls showed Zelensky with a big lead over Poroshenko. Today's election comes with the conflict in Ukraine's eastern Donbass region still unresolved after five years of fighting. And the war played a big role in the presidential campaign

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"inexperience" is better than "experience in corruption."

Author — ForAmerican


Imagine explaining "toy" mines to your toddler. Why does Ukraine suffer so?

Author — James Driscoll


This election was too perfect. He acted like a president on TV. The clues are all there.

Author — strangeKE


I am writing from Ukraine. Thank you for your help and attention to our election. It is because of the attention of President Poroshenko did not go to the rigging of the elections and will receive an honest assessment from his people. The war will never end, because Poroshenko's friends and he himself earned on defense orders. Poroshenko accused Zelensky of being an amateur, but Poroshenko himself in 2014 was also an amateur. I hope that Zelensky will win and ensure an open investigation of all the crimes Poroshenko committed. Corruption is the biggest enemy of Ukraine.

Author — Александр Бойченко


well he has the power now. lets see if he can stop the war now

Author — MrMike5814


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Author — Steve Forest


Mr. Zelensky will find out that Mr. Putin is no comedian!

Author — PianoMan 2018


pop music from Ukraine should be anticipated with excitement 🤗

Author — Wesley Miller


We beat you, our PM is a comedienne, and Compo Corbyns a joke.

Author — Robert Brown


Funny part is that #1 corrupted country in all civilized world aka Ukraine had fair elections that US citizen can't even dream about

Author — I Y


Yesterday, I have voted for Zelenskyi – more precisely to say, against Poroshenko (today's president of Ukraine so far), because it was the only alternative. The majority of our folks are totally fed up with his empty promises and bluff, splitting us on the basis of language, religion, political views, this annoying pseudo patriotism which is fostered to conceal enormous corruption, looting at war and other crimes of the current establishment.

Author — Romko Romeo


Ukraine had sever limitations on freedom of press during the past 5 years. Many journalists were jailed or killed (google Buzina for example). Ordinary people were jailed for minor infractions like reporting on the war crimes. Now there is hope that truth will come out about the crimes of Poroshenko's regime. You need to READ IN 2 OR BETTER 3-4 LANGUAGES TO BE ABLE TO MAKE CONCLUSIONS AND REACH ANYTHING CLOSE TO OBJECTIVE PICTURE (I do, reading in English, German, Russian and Ukranian).

Author — exciting world


It was expected; clowns, actors, lawyers and mobsters are preferred by state capitalism and democracy of corporations case in point :Ronald Reagan 🎭 and Trump 🎪 .

Author — Hannibal Ben Barca


Ukraine war have turned to business.... they are making money from it. That is why the war will not stop. Glory to ukraine.

Author — Olesya Alex


Zilinsky won so now the comedian will have to run the country. Bet he fails miserably. I hope I am wrong.

Author — Michael Madden


So it appears Zelensky is going to win, now the ? remains is he a anti American pro russian puppet or a anti russian pro American puppet.

Author — TheRedBaron Lives!


People can say whatever they want to say the people of Ukraine have nothing to If the people of USA elects

Author — aminu aidara


The young ???BOY Zelensky you say has a wonderful school with a wonderful teacher to make him the STRONGEST President Ukraine has ever had if he is born a leader. He doesn’t need to use any fair to school for it’s right there!!.

Author — Kennedy Nyangacha


To end the war. The people of of the east must want to cross the border to go west for a better life.

Author — terence snow


I hope he is not a Vladimir Putin puppet...

Author — Emily S