What If Our Universe Collided With Another One?

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What If Our Universe Collided With Another One? 5

This pretzel-shaped collection of galaxies is our Universe. And it's about to collide with another universe. It might be fascinating to watch, but we should probably be worried about what's going to happen when they crash. How would it change the physics of our Universe? Is there any chance that we would survive? What would the collision look like from Earth? And has it ever happened before?

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*(Universes Collided)*

Mom: See it's because of that damn phone

Edit: I bet most of the likes are from *ASIANS*

Author — Abdul Moqeet


“2020 sucks it possibly can’t get any worse”


Author — Dave


The universe was probably trying to hug his brother universe.

Author — Myst


Short answer: We have no idea
Long answer: We have no idea.

Author — Vthe Man


I've heard about galaxies colliding, but universes O_O

Author — badbadfull


*God in 2020 after seeing this video*
"Right that down, right that down"

Author — Josh X


Marvel fans: "Avengers Endgame is the most ambitious crossover EVER"
DC Fans: "No Justice League is..."

The universe: "Hold my Jupiter."

Author — Jason The Hedgehog


Imagine 2012 was 2020

People would be scared af in the first 3 months

Author — Henry Jackson


I feel like they’re just getting these ideas from the arrowverse shows

Author — Zyxer


When you find out December 2020 has a final boss 😐

Author — Efnan Abdo


"Collision" and "crashing" are the wrong words for universes. They are collections of clusters which are also collections.

Things that aren't solid bodies cant "collide"
They could only merge.

Author — Bloodlake


Him: how would it change the physics of our universe (saying calm)

The background:

Author — HelloFriendsI'mAProperYoutber_Я


Short answer we‘ll all probably die

Long answer: this is fkn interesting

Author — Lynx


2:36 Who realized that the second universe looked like a calm face?

Author — iPeachy Kaylie


3:56 if i saw that... i would have a panic attack so bad that I would pass out

Author — Cy1o Phenexz


2:38 Are we just gonna ignore that the top right universe is like a face showing "I'm regretting this"

Author — Komi Shouko


3:33 reminds me of "For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man." Matthew 24:27, Bible

Author — Alex Bakerloo


Image a universe collapse and out of space you hear


Author — Myname jeff


This made me realize how freaking small we are

Author — 『Iɳϝ』Curiosity


The answer to almost every video about “what if”:we die

Author — Paulo Heuman