Thousands of residents flee Taal Volcano wrath | ANC

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Thousands of residents flee Taal Volcano wrath | ANC 4.5
Thousands of residents have fled Taal island after the volcano belched a 50,000-feet-tall ash cloud which blanketed parts of Manila and nearby areas.

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Pray for Philippines 🇵🇭
From Indonesia 🇮🇩

Author — Steven Day


I was in the volcano taking a tour 2 weeks ago, showed no signs of eruption even in the water area, amazing how things change quickly, stay safe local Taal Volcano residents and tourists

Author — Miguel Prado


We pray for you
from Australia❤️❤️
hope your all safe

Author — blxxberrypie


I was there last week, for my birthday, gladly I'm able to take pictures before it erupted. Gonna pray for the citizen's safety

Author — Keiara Buenaventura


Always pray po tayo sana ligtas po ang lahat ng mga residente hod God bless po

Author — Rowena Delas alas


Help one another po🙌bilyong ingat mga kababayan❤

Author — kendra burgos


May God protect the lives of the nearby residents from any harm. GOD bless the Ph.

Author — Wheng Gomez


Nakakaiyak naman, Diyos ko iligtas mo po sila

Author — Manny A.


Pray for you all there in Philippines, ,
greet from Indonesia

Author — Putrawan Channel


I was in Taal during the day we went to watch Star wars and I changed my mind to go watch at tagaytay instead then 1 hour later the volcano erupted good thing we were saved by GOD

Author — Chess Tactics


Nakaka sad naman, keep safe everyone, I was in tagaytay picnic groove last week Jan. 4, 2020 Saturday, I had a video of taal lake and taal volcano, and i"m lucky enough to captured those beautiful scenery before its erupts. I just uploaded it yesterday in my blogs.

Author — Sally Bofill


Ang hirap kaya tas mayat maya lumilindol:< tapos nag kaka nakawan paaaa hhuhuhuhuhuuu

Author — ms LALA Itera


Keep safe, praying for you from Solomon island

Author — lincio leta


Please 🙏🙏🙏pray for my country. Phillipines. 🙏May the Lord save everyone.

Author — the independent vloger


Kawawa naman cla, praying for you my fellow Batanguenians, be safe 🙏😢😢

Author — Looner 55


InshahAllah Every thing will be fine May Allah Keep every one safe (Allah Kareem).

Author — Muhammad Rehan Aziz Bari


Alaam ko kung bakit sumabog ang taal volcano...

Dahil sa kapapanuod mo ng tala! jk lng kadih

Author — Russell TheGoof


Magiging okey rin ang lahat 😃 Sana maka evacuate na sila sa tamang Lugar para wala pang mag kasakit .

Author — Cherwin Limpag


During this unfortunate time and with the nature's wrath on some parts of the world mainly Australia and Philippines, a sincere prayer is what we can offer. God bless everyone ❤️

Author — Ryry Castardo


WOW listening to the spanglish and then adding in the Tagalog! :-)

Author — sifridbassoon