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Movavi Effects | Lag-Free Video Editing! 5
Tired of wrestling with your video editor? Today I'll walk you through some Movavi effects & transitions and show how easy Lag-free video editing can be even on a basic computer. Some of the most popular video editing software can stop a computer in its tracks because of the CPU and GPU demands it puts on your desktop.
Movavi came to me and said they had a software suite that not only ran smoothly, but offered high functionality and asked me if I'd like to give it a whirl. I ran this software on a $299 computer and it was able to edit without a hitch!
I was so impressed that I joined with Movavi for this series of sponsored videos to show you an alternative if you're tired of your system crashing every time you try a more advanced video edit.
Movavi offers an entire suite of software including a complete video editor, a screen recorder, a video converter, and on-the-go splicer and more!
I'll put links below where you can download and try Movavi for free and I've even worked a deal to get my viewers 30% off the already low license price if you think this software might be right for you!
Let's dig in!

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This video was sponsored by Movavi and includes paid promotion.

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📌 Use this code to get 30% OFF of Movavi! ➜ danielbatal

Author — Daniel Batal


I have a very good computer but when I record with movavi screen recorder my clips seem very jittery. If you see my most recent video you will see within 20 seconds. Please help!!!

Author — JMAN Clark


Dude, I have watched a couple of these Movavi vids and you may be converting me lol. Looks very similar to Filmora. Curious do you have a comparison video of the two? Pros & Cons of each? I'm liking what I see so far man. Great vid!

Author — mattMPG


Hello Daniel! Thank you for this tutorial.. I do love your explicit details of 'how to do.." till your next !

Author — Magdalena Koh


could you please show how to do typewriting effect in movavi

Author — Pranita Ghimirey Pradhan


Top notch video as always. Can you edit/export in 4k with this software?

Author — Firstborn Athletics


Awesome video Dan! Downloading Movavi right now. Transitions and effects features @7:03 look very interesting 😀🤘🤘👍

Author — The Nerd for Speed


Awesome Daniel! Thanks for sharing this and greatness from Italy! 😉👋❤

Author — Abdu Zahir


Good video! Really appreciate brother. You see people think Filmora is your niche.

Author — Mystic Souls


Hey Daniel,

Which video editing software do to think will be best for my hp laptop
1.90GHz processor, 4gb ram and 32bit operating system

Please I really need your reply on this🙏🏽



Great video, will stick with Filmora. Good you show alternatives. 😁

Author — Media Man


Thank you Daniel. Which should use ... Movavi or Filmora 9

Author — Don James Samy


Looks great Daniel, I’ll give it a go. I’m currently using Filmora. Thanks mate...

Author — On the Road Australia


lol, I found this because I'm experiencing video lag while editing in Movani, and they want users to purchase an upgrade to fix their bugs - no thanks.
Time to find another video editor.

Author — David D


Good to know : ) Glad to see there's more competitors to premiere pro these days

Author — Noealz Photo


Interesting stuff... I guess this is a stand alone editor vs a plugin?

Author — Legion of Weirdos


Hey Daniel have you dropped out of filmora 9 and way

Author — TB Inspiration


Thank you sir for yet another great video

Author — Nate Gordon


A wonderful explanation thank you from Egypt

Author — Mohamed Kadry Channel


Awesome video. As someone who doesnt use Movavi you definitely gave a good presentation that, if I was trying to select an editor, would have made seriously consider this. Funny enough though, Movavi is what I recommended a buddy of mine when he was looking for a new editor. Its simplicity and awesome features make it a great choice. And it's a decent price. You almost make me wanna switch...almost 🤣. Thumbs up bud. I'm gonna enjoy watching this series unfold

Author — Joe's Geek Show